BC foot plates question

Does any know if 3/16" flat steel would be thick enough for BC foot plates to support a rider’s weight (up to around 180lbs) without flexing or bending? The idea would be to weld two pieces per side, about 8.5" vertical and 5" horizontal for the foot area. The width would be about 5". These would be for my 29er wheel, hence the longer vertical piece. It would save some serious weight if i didn’t have to use 1/4 inch.

If you give me a sketch of your proposed design (since I’m not quite sure if I understand what you are writing correctly), I can do some quick napkin calculations.

My gut instinct says no by the way, it will probably bend where the axle passes through. To really save weight, built it from tubing (like the Koxx one BC plates), that is usually a very efficient way for structures like that.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, those koxx 1 plates are really nice, but I decided to stick with my plates, which I make using 5/8" steel square tube and 3/16" flat bar as the connection between the vertical tubes. What I like most about this design is that the tire shields I made fit perfectly inside the tubing, using 1/2" square wood dowels. Here’s a pic showing my 20", 24" and 29er.

If you put your total weight (180 lbs) on one support at the very outside of the support, the stress in the steel would be less then required to deform the steel. In actual practice your weight would be distributed between the two supports and the loading would likely not be at the very outer edge of the support. I’d say that the proposed 3/16" x 5" supports will be plenty strong enough in this application.
If you figured no more then 100 lbs on one support and the load was 3" out from the vertical, a 1/8" x 5" steel support would work fine. However in actual use when mounting and such you may exceed that loading and they may bend.

Thanks for your well-reasoned response.