[bc/flat] I can't live with/without saddles

here’s the new vid of me and kristoff (bc tof on the forum)
some bc wheeling, flatland and street riding

i’ll put a vimeo link as soon as the download is finished

comment it please
– bobousse, enjoy!!!

That was awesome! I liked everything, really nice riding and the editing was good. I liked your double outside to double inside roll.

There is something wrong with your utv link though, it says none of the file types are available.

yeah just because the streaming is not avalaible right now olarf is convertong the vid

anyway thanks for your comment

– bobousse

Great ridding spots. Great editing. Great ridding. Terrific job guys. I loved it. Its kinda on the big size, gonna have to keep this one on the external as its a bit big for my laptop. Its a keeper tho, thanks.

P.S. Beat me to that new soul song :wink:

yeah i know that’s a good song :wink:
thanks for your comment

here’s the vimeo link

the quality is crap but anyway i’ll try to do better tomorrow

– bobousse

The BC riding was incredible!

The way he balances you think he’s gonna fall off now, but then he goes and rides down a 10 set like it’s not even there. Or that skinny… Downhill must be scary on a BC.

And the music/filming/editing was great! Good job! Definite keeper.

Actually an enjoyable video (most are just poorly edited riding with a metal song…), loved it with the first song, awesome BC riding, cool flat as well. You don’t gotta be someone like Shaun to make an awesome video :slight_smile:

Awesome movie guys!

Wow, that was awesome!

I especially liked the BC riding, Makes me want to build one up with the hub I have just sitting there…

I really think that there should be a gallery for only these high quality movies and they would have to be voted in. I miss watching so many good movies since i have to wade through so many crappy (sorry to all creators of crappy movies, your riding is probably better than mine but at least take the time to film and edit with a bit of creativity and effort) movies that usually I don’t bother.

I especially liked the BC riding, Makes me want to build one up with the hub I have just sitting there…

excellent man. that was great. your both way talented.

Wow. That was incredible. I am wanting to make a bc wheel. I have a friend who can make me the plates. So all I need to get is a wheel. I have another friend who used to ride street on his b*ke. Do you think that I could just use his tire? And what are some things that would be needed for a tire to use for bc wheelin?


What a perfect vid :smiley: Great job guys!

i think that was easily ur best vid.

the backroll to rolling wrap was my favorite combo…was so sick

duuude. bad ass video.

these are the kind of videos that i need on chilly days in southern michigan. at least someone’s doing some good riding for me, since i can’t make it outside due to the snow or rain.

excellent bc. maybe one day i’ll get the patience to get nearly as good as that on bc, though i doubt it. basic riding skills were frustrating enough to get!

keep it up fellas!


@ Bobouse and Kristoffer: great video, great riding, grerat editing !!!

@ saskatchewanian: I think on utv we have some of the features you request for and you find also those other great and longer videos their like MONOPHIL or Ill or video Galoupiotte 2007 to just name some.

The wmv versions are normaly high Quality files. In our Toplist you can also take a look how people vote the videos and how many watch the videos.
You find over 400 uni videos now on utv so for sure also some not that goovideos with metal sound but also those have a right to exist :slight_smile: