BC Distance Record

Shattered my old BC distance record today! I found a great stretch of parking lot at Redondo beach with just a short downhill to get going, and then it levels out. My previous record in recent months has been about 150 feet, which is about 15-17 seconds, and I could never seem to ride longer than that.

So this morning I did several runs, and with GoPro in hand, attached to my tripod. It’s harder to ride a BC this way, but I wanted to have the camera move with me, rather than on a tripod, where I would quickly go out of view.

So when I got a distance of 286 feet I was pretty stoked, and thought it would be my best effort. Not really thinking I could do much better than that, I gave it a couple more tries, and my final attempt resulted in a 511 foot ride, which totally blew my mind, and my old record out of the water! I managed to stay on for close to a minute, and I just kept telling myself to stay relaxed and focused! I might have been able to go even further, but ran out of speed on the flat.

Well done, that was a looong ride! :sunglasses:

I have my BC now, but haven’t really had a good go at learning yet. Two tries, two times on my ass, with the wheel flying off behind me. Any suggestions for a complete noob?

Cheers for the vid Terry. Keep doing what you’re doing…YOU ROCK!

Thanks Juni. I’ve also fallen many times while riding a bc. Compared to a upd on a uni, when it happens on a bc it seems to be a lot quicker with even less time to react! Luckily, most of my bails are off the front on a bc and I just land on my feet, but it’s the ones where it shoots out from under you where you can end up on your backside. So I always try to keep my weight just a bit forward rather than leaning back, although sometimes that’s unavoidable when over correcting for balance.

I’ve found that having a slight downhill to get you going is really helpful, and it’s easier to stay on if your speed is in the 7-9 mph range. In the video, I ended up running out of speed to where I was barely moving, which is what caused me to bail.

Try the skateboard mount of pushing once or twice to get started and try to keep your arms high and outward to help with balance. What really helped me get that long run was that I just kept at it, and took many tries until I did it. so go for it and let us know how it goes! BC’s are a blast! :smiley:

Great job Terry!!! And that’s while holding the monopod…
Great video, what about braking, any ideas?

Give it a lot of time, hundreds of tries, level ground, focus on mounting first, and keep distance records for later… Oh yes and don’t forget protective gear, till you get it pretty - nasty falls included…
Check out this guy, he made it with 471 tries (he actually counted each one of them…)!

Have fun,

Thanks for the tips Terry and UVcycle :slight_smile:

I’m gonna hold off trying to learn, just until I’ve got some protective gear…

I initially wanted to get a side view pov, using a broom stick with the gopro attached to one end, and a counter weight on the other side. The thinking was that, like a tightrope walker, it would aid in balance better than holding the monopod straight out, with only one hand. I quickly found that the “balance bar” idea made it harder since I need to have my arms adjusting for balance independently, and this would cause the bar to bob up and down on each end wildly.

Also, the tightrope walker’s balance is side to side, which is just the opposite of the fore & aft balance needed when riding a bc!
The monopod works better since I have one hand totally free while the one holding the camera and is also free to move a bit, but without a lot of camera shake.

Ha! I like the thinking Terry :sunglasses:

We need more Drone Vids! :smiley:

Haha yeah, a drone BC viddy! :smiley:

That would be Sweet!!