BC Design.


As you may have read I am avidly into BC wheeling. I have noticed the advantages for lightness in a BC; I am planning on getting a new BC soon and wanted to know if you guys had any suggestions on making it light, yet strong? I have been thinking of making some carbon fiber plates, For 2 reasons, one to save weight, and also so I can ride it indoors and not scratch the floor. Other possibility’s I have looked at are single walled rims Vs. Double or triple, is a double or a triple really needed? There isn’t much side load put on a BC rim, and I think it would be somewhat hard to bend a single wall rim. Other ways might be less spokes, 36 vs. 48. Do you guys have any ideas?



Carbon fiber plates sound cool. I’ve thought about them myself. Unfortunately from what I have read carbon fiber constructions do not have good strength and toughness in small radius corners (like on BC plates).

Just a heads up. I’d really like to see someone build a pair.


Why don’t you just drill holes in your plates to lighten it down?

Maybe because then they will bend!

I doubt it. Mostly cause it’s been tried and tested by a much heavier rider than you.

i bent them with out holes in them.

then you’d probably (if contender’s info is correct) bend carbon fiber ones.

i dunno, its very ridgid and strong, also it has a f*ckload of memoery so it will jsut spring back into place.

i thought that carbonfiber was very brital and would shater and not bend like seel at least this is true with carbon fiber golf clubs

“i thought that carbonfiber was very brital and would shater and not bend like seel at least this is true with carbon fiber golf clubs”

This is allso true with fishing poles:( sorry to burst your bobble

no, They flex ALOT before shatering.

OK, then do it. Gosh

I might, im exploring other possibliltys.

and what do you bace this on carbonfiber is very stif have you ever riden a cf bike you feal every imperfiction in the road cuz the frame dosint give like steel or other metals

Negitive, But i have used coarbon rod, and it flexes alot before braking.

alright, so if you’re so confident why don’t you just go ahead and make them?!


i Think a ti plate would be cooler or some macheaned aluninam ones. i think the bend problem is because bc plates are normaly made of large peces of angle iron witch is not made to take stress like when being used for bc i think a machened peace could handle the force much beter

The one i bent were Machined, thee ones darren sells.

are you shore they look like a flat pece of metal that was bent to make an L

Yes, they were machined out of a solid block.