BC crash = Dislocated shoulder


Spencer and I were out shooting video for our new bc vid, and i went a little too big. I tried to hop over a 32"ish tennis net and dislocated my right shoulder. PAIN. 2 months to heal though, not as bad as a broken arm.

We got it on video too, along with some other insane sh*t so be lookin for the vid on the forums in a couple days.


Gonna try it again?

Nope. I already did a lil higher than that earlyer that day.

My favorite part of Uni-Accidents is explaining to the doc how it happened…

Doc: “So tell me, how did you get this huge gash in your shin?”
Me: “I was trying to freemount my mountain unicycle and the pedals bit me.”
(long pause…)
Doc: “So tell me, how did you get this huge gash in your shin?”

It doesn’t compute to them so they just re-ask the same question. :stuck_out_tongue:

maybee next time your on a tennis court you should just play tennis, i myslef have had bad tenneis net accidents.

is that juicy-juice i see?


Ouch, looks really painful. At least you’ll have a really awesome movie!


Had to post it again.

That sucks though…

2 months no riding, then back to owning you guys at bc.

Might I recommend, once you recover, to spend a few months in a Judo / Aikido / Hapkido dojo to learn some basic falling skills?

With as much as you guys wipe out it would behoove you to know what to do once you’re mid-air. With proper training you can land from most any position without injuring yourself.

The screencap of you falling with a straight arm is a textbook example of how to dislocate a joint. Never fall with locked joints! Of course, you now know that in hindsight… :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean like this?


kewl pic.

I was thinking more like this:


Thats one nice bc wheel there.

edit, no fair, Jason took his picture away…

How are your nuts? Looked like you kinda racked your self on the net.

Nah, not at all. The net hit his leg near his knee and kind of sling shotted him over like that.
You will see when we post our vid.

his legs passed through the racking-point and it looks like at the worst his left leg got caught on the top.

edit:spencer beat me

Kinda… more like this: