BC Axle Size?

What size is the oxle on a BC wheel? I think its all the same except for on kids bikes front wheels. IF I were to drill for this axle, what sixe would the hole be?


Thats an impossible quesiton, there is no ONE axle size.

Darren bedford used 14mm axles, I see no point in this because 3/8ths is becoming more and more popluer.

3/8 inch is only 9.5 mm. Darren uses the 14 mm axles for a reason. The 3/8 inch axles will bend. The 14 mm axle size is what is used for BMX dirt jumping and street.

Find a 14 mm axle at a bike shop and measure it with a micrometer or caliper where the plates will be mounted. Then you’ll know how big to drill the hole.

How about a…14MM DRILL BIT!!!

I wouldn’t be surprised if a 14 mm axle was actually not exactly 14 mm at the point where the plates mount. Even if the axle is exactly 14 mm you’re going to want the hole to be a little bigger so you can get the plate on easily. It’s best to measure an actual axle and then you’ll know the size the hole needs to be. Measure twice, cut once.

I drilled 3/8 to get my wood bc blates on my front wheel. I think im going to drill 15mm because i think a little bigger is better. Any objections to that? Would 14 be big enough?


Sorry, this killed me…

Haha, Evan got owned.

I’d like to see a BC wheel made out of a 20mm Through axle hub off of a mountain bike. Maybe out of like a Hadley, Woodman, or Hope 20mm TA hub.

Or if someone has a lot of money to spend, a Chris King front hub. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t even know if you could do it, but I thought it was an interesting idea.