BBC TV Show featuring me and my sister

Hey Guys

It was a show for young and inspirational people that are being pro-active in the UK.

I’m not the young or inspirational one, im the ugly older brother.

Check it out and comments on youtube or here are appreciated. Hope everyones good


Great spot, congratulations!

I must say, I now want to take my circus skills further, very inspirational :D!

yays circus.

Nice to see you’re still around Lucas.

Thanks guys, im hoping to get properly back into it soon. xx

Looking good Lucas! It’s been too long since I last saw you, but really great little segment, I enjoyed it a lot. Now if you can just get a Lucas whip into a routine…


Cheers Kevin, has indeed been too long, busy with university and girlfriend has killed the motivation, but im plannin on getting back into it soon and hope to get to see all you lot in a strange country soon xxx

I enjoyed that.
Doing a job you love is what it is about in my book…