BBC Reporting Scotland 'muni' feature

Hi there.
I am hoping to do a TV feature for BBC Reporting Scotland about muniing and would like to contact anyone north of the border who would be willing to let me film them.
I am based in Aberdeen so my preference would be in the Grampians but would be glad to hear from anyone in Scotland.
Would you mind contacting me on or 01224 384883 if you are able to help.
Look forward to hearing from you.

I am only just across the border in Dumfries but let me know what is happening.

Hi kevin,

I’ll be riding The Lecht the day after tomorrow (Thursday 6th). I’ll be there at 10am when the lifts open if you’re interested. I’m more than happy for you to film me if you can make it over at such short notice.

I’m riding down Cairngorm tomorrow, but I’m sure that will be to short a notice for you.

Let me know if any of this of use?


Hi Kevin,

I’ve just sent you a private message with my contact mobile number. I tried your works number, but you had already left.


Steve - the private message didn’t get through. I think it’s disabled because I am a new member. Would you mind emailing it or calling me again if you get this in time. Cheers - Kevin

Kevin, email me through the magazine with your details and I can give you steve’s contact details.

Thanks Mike.

I’ve been in touch with Kevin and they’ll be filming me tomorrow morning.


You crazy man! That’s gotta be a big push up.

I’ve ridden Braereach, which is the one next to it. That was very technical, a bit hard for me really.

I really want to ride Carn Ban Mor near Feshiebridge some time, supposed to be a fantastic climb (on landrover track, so rideable almost to the summit), and then a monster of a descent.


psst. Joe. you already know he’s crazy, try not to provoke him :wink:

The filming was an interesting exercise and fun for us all. In the end they spent 3 1/2 hours filming with 45 mins of footage. They filmed both my boys riding as well as myself. This will be edited down to just 2 minutes of riding, including interviews :roll_eyes: .

We were filmed in the ski resort of The Lecht, Northern Grampian Mountains, Scotland. During the summer they keep open one of the chair lifts for the use of walkers, go-carts (dedicated track) and mountain bikes. My expectations of the downhill riding were a little too high, as the tracks down from the top of the chairlift were neither steep, or technical. The riding was easy and not so interesting, but the filming more than made up for it.

I’ve been informed that it will be broadcast tomorrow (Thursday 13th Aug) at 18:30 on BBC Reporting Scotland. There may be an ‘even’ briefer showing earlier in the day at 13:30.

In the end it’s all good publicity for unicycling and of course Yes, I had my UDC shirt on :smiley:


Nice one Steve. That looks like potentially a good track in the picture - shame it turned out to be a bit tame. I quite fancy the idea of go-karting down a mountain though :slight_smile:


Cool. I’d heard that the Lecht was a bit tame, but you never know with downhillers - sometimes by ‘a bit tame’ they mean ‘possible to ride without killing yourself’.

Where else did you end up riding? What was Cairngorm like?


Hi Joe,

I did push the uni up Cairngorm and ride down from the summit. Someone said that the summit was one of the windiest places in the country! I can believe this as things were a little blowy up there. Because of the strong winds I was advised not to descend along ‘windy ridge’, but to keep to one of the more sheltered footpaths.

To be honest the ride down wasn’t that exciting, although my brake hand was aching by the time I got to the van. Looks like I’m going to be on the Cairngorm Mountain website at some point as they photographed me at the upper station. They said they wanted the shots of me riding for their website!

The best bit of riding was to be had at ‘Laggan Wolftrax’. It’s a purpose-built singletrack mountain bike centre for all-year round use. For £2 you can take transport up the mountain if you want. You can descend from the drop-off point, or continue higher up the fire-roads, under your own steam, for the more technical routes. There’s different grades of routes, so something for everyone.

It was fantastic and just pitched right for my physical and technical abilities. I did have lots of fun, apart from the 300m long, continuous boardwalk (it makes your eyes go funny looking down at the slats of wood for so long).


Muni in Scotland

I am gutted! I am from Aberdeen but I was away on vacation last week so I missed this thread. I would have loved to join you there!

If anyone is planning a ride in the area, please let me know, I am definitely up for a nice ride like the one you just did Steve or the one you are dreaming of, Joe.


The BBC have just texted to say it looks like it’ll be on tomorrow, because the Lockerbie bomber story will be taking more of the news today!


shame its just on scottish tv :(, and im not sure why but when i saw “the bbc texted” i laughed… anybody else?

Hi Guys - the BBC here :wink: Should still be on tv tomorrow but for a sneak preview, here’s a link to the online version of the piece for you to enjoy.

Many thanks to all those who offered help and particularly to you Steve and your family for accommodating us.

All the best


PS - Great shot of our cameraman!