BBC Radio Interview

The radio interview of the Club on Skiddaw by BBC Radio Cumbria on 27th March will be broadcast on Tuesday 18th May on Liz Barnes Show between 4.30 and 5pm.

Thank you to all those who helped - I hope it sounds OK!!!

Aaron will record it for us but I have asked for a copy anyway which I will distribute to those who ask.

Other news - dont forget the Helvellyn ride this Saturday!! Good forecast and a very good ride!! Let me know if you are coming please.

Volunteers Are Still Required – Grading and Trials Reps.
Please see the Spring Newsletter and get involved!

Club Trials Course and North Shore Trail
We plan, over the next three months to build a PERMANENT TRIALS COURSE which we anticipate will be the largest and most varied on it kind in the UK. This course will be built on a 3 acre green field site owned by me, with the club using it free of charge.

Other plans for 2004/05 include building a NORTH SHORE TRAIL, also on the above site. Although, this project will be subject to finances, if we can get sufficient members it will go ahead either from subscriptions or from a grant.

There are other potential problems such as Health and Safety and Planning Permission issues but we hope to overcome them and will keep you posted.



· Free* full-time loan of club’s trials and muni unicycles incl. Nimbus/KH/Onza’s
· Free copy of first edition of Club guidebook as well as future updates
· Free club t-shirt
· Free club bumper sticker
· Discount on all unicycles and spares bought through the club
· Regular club rides/trials days throughout year
· Club hoodies for £18.00
· Trials workshops and Trials/muni days
· Opportunity to contribute to Club’s guidebook
· Two newsletters per year Public Liability Insurance on all Club meets

So, Please support the Club - your club - by joining.

Contact me for further details at:
TheFatController (at) CumbriaMUni (dot) com or
simon (dot) rolph (at) oldham (dot) gov (dot) uk

Cumbria Muni & Trials Club

One of the members of my site has a BBC radio show.
Sometimes he asks me to do interviews.
And, sometimes I refer people to him.

I have been wanting him to cover “off-road unicycling.”
Anyone want to do an interview for off-road unicycle PR?

It might depend upon where in the country your contact is located. However, I am sure members of Cumbria Muni & Trials would be very pleased to have the opportunity to do more muni promotion, if you want to pass on our details.