BBC Radio Devon

Have just come and interveiwed me about goingto Unicon! We did teh interveiw in the garage and the reporter described the unicycel stoarge rack to open the interview. Shes hoping to get Amanda or Lucus interveiwed on the phone as well before transmission on Thursday or Friday morning during the BBC Radio Devon breakfast show 7am-9am.
So all you Devonites tune in and hear me making a fool of myself!

That caused quite some excitement yesterday - some muppet drove a lorry carrying a crane under the foot bridge to Plymouth station. It didn’t make it, knocked the bridge completely down and dragged it 50 yards down the road. All this in the middle of rush hour yesterday. Amazingly nobody was hit by the skidding bridge (there was one person actually on the bridge at the time, but she was luckily just on the bit that didn’t fall over).

Anyway, back on topic… post that interview on here when you’ve edited it :slight_smile: I don’t do much radio listening at that time of the morning - I’m usually riding to work.


thanks gav. hows the healing bone comeing along? i’ll have listen later.I missed my bit, but heard the news mention and lucus

Nice going on getting the publicity.

Aren’t you on the way down towards Cornwall?
I know my geography really sucks.
One of our UniHokiers is heading over to spend a couple of days in Cornwall.

EDIT: Very kewl interview!

Arhgg u unicyclists are such nice people thanks very much for recording that was brilliant.

N i didnt swear live on radio fantastic lol

Sarah’s in Exeter - quite close to Cornwall (about 50 miles or so from the border).
I’m a bit closer, on Dartmoor.
Tue (occasionally posts as TuJoToMi) is right down in the depths Cornwall, near Penzance.

I was going to say tell him to drop in on me for a muni ride, but thinking about it he’s unlikely to have a muni with him… and my other uni is a 20" learner/freestyle.


Aha, I noticed the line in your sig had gone… :slight_smile:

I’d love to say “Ride it! Ride it now!” but I suspect with a geared unicycle that’s probably a bad idea… :-/


I just had to look for more on this. BBC Devon was the obvious place to look: