BBC Look East - Wednesday 28th

I raced around snetterton motor racing circuit last wednesday as part of a track day to raise money for charity. The day was covered by the local BBC news team, I was wondering if anyone happened to see look east that evening as apparently I featured on it? I got round the 1.9 miles course in 8:40 and we made about £6k for charity overall, it was a very good day.



nice job:)

what size is your wheel?

how was your format for the charity fundraising as i’m considering doing something similar myself.

It’s a nimbus 36"

We worked it as a sweepstake, £5 entry to guess a time, closest to the answer wins half the money, the other half goes to charity. As it happens the woman who won donated her prize so it came to £265 raised. Quite a small contribution in comparison to the other fundraising activities of the day but it did push our total to the highest ever for one of these trackdays. For the genreal public it might work better to ask for £1, racers are genreally pretty minted and come to these days expecting to cough up a fair amount for charity along the way (not to mention the £180 entry fee), there were a total of 53 entries from 40 drivers.

lol who cant recongnise that uni ! of course its a 36"… btw thats an impressive time, well done.

Good work!

Got the video from the BBC today, unfortunately there’s more footage of me driving than riding. I would post it but it’s ~ 180mb, does anyone have any webspace I can upload it to?

Good stuff! Looks like a really nice surface to cycle on.

You’re also on the front page of the Circuit’s website:

Yes motor racing circuits have possibly the best tarmac you will ever find, I rode goodwood a few months ago and it was the same, perfectly smooth, no bumps or joins, just don’t hit the curbs!

Good effort on the charity thang, man!

I’m going driving at knockhill in two weeks. A “gold experience” voucher lets me drive a seat leon sport while getting taught the lines, and then I get to have a go in a formula 3 single seater.

I’m gonna take my wheel in the boot now, and see if they’ll let me have a go.


Haven’t driven knockhill yet, but every other circuit i’ve been to (which is quite a few) has a one hour closed track lunch break so the mashalls can grab a sandwhich, it would be worth a try.