BBC Children's Prog needs Cumbrian Munis


We’re looking for 3 young (12 years and younger) Munis to take part in a children’s programme this summer, off roading in the Lake District for one day.

If you know the trails and you’re interested please do not leave your details here, contact us at Please ask a Parent or Guardian beforehand


Awsome!!! I seen adds for that show!

Please put MUNI in the subject field…thanks

from the BBC’s DSD

sorry, just thought it was cool lol.
I’m not sure that there is anybody under 12 around that area, but I can’t be certain.

If anyone can recommend a good Lake District trail too, with a bit of North ?Shore, we would love to hear from you.


you must mean municyclists

I am not sure that there is many 12Y/olds or under whom ride North Shore.

do you know any who muni?

That’s Tue’s kid? He’s like really good on a tiny 20" wheel, and pretty fast too.

In Cumbria, I think there’s only one place with any public/legal ‘North Shore’ type obstacles, which is Grizedale North Face Trail. It’s very very tame though, just wide wooden bridges.

There’s some scary looking north shore at Mabie, which is just over the border in Scotland. From what I’ve seen though, there are only a few riders who’d be able to ride it on a uni, and I dunno any who are under 12.


Yes Amanda’s talking about Tue’s kid, other than location he must be the closest to meeting their requirements.

At BUC this year there were 4 U12’s riding the beginners Muni route (6 miles) although they all did well to get round I wouldn’t call any of them Muni riders, yet.