BB7 disk brake on KH frame?

Has anyone tried this set-up? I’m concerned it might not fit (hit the spokes or the cranks).

My KH27.5 came with a good enough Shimano disk brake, but the hose is too long so I would like to shorten it. After watching a few Youtube videos showing how it’s done, it seems I’ll need certain specialist tools and a few bits (olive, etc), which seems like a bit too much hassle.

All my bikes, including my trials bike, run Avid BB7 with FR5 levers and I’ve found this set-up to work very reliably over the years, not to mention how mess-free and easy they are to service with just a couple of basic tools. Unfortunately my bikes are not with me at this moment so I can’t just swap out the brake and test. I wonder if anyone here has tried (or even uses) Avid BB7 on their KH frame. Thanks!

If you dig around on old forum posts from the time when disc brakes were first being used on unis you can find a lot of people having clearance problems with mechanical calipers. I seem to remember that the TRP Spyre was one of the few brakes which was slim enough to clear the cranks. Maybe there are others available now.

To be honest trimming the hose and bleeding Shimano brakes is straightforward. I also hesitated at first because I didn’t want to buy more special tools, but really plenty of other cycle maintenance also requires special tools and techniques.

The other option is to just wrap the hose around your seatpost a few times and call it a day. It would mean you have enough hose to run handlebars one day if you want.

Didn’t think about the possibility of running handlebars, so I’ll just wrap the hose round the seat post for now, thanks :slight_smile:

I have that brake on a couple of bike wheels, and it’s pretty bulky. I’m sure it wouldn’t fit.

And yep, a couple of extra laps around the seatpost works just fine, I’ve seen lots of unicycles doing it.