Bayfront Park in Redwood City – Great Place for Learning XC (and light muni)

I’ve been riding at Bayfront Park in Redwood City, CA. The park is right on the San Francisco Bay. Views are great. It has un-kept fire roads around the perimeter (~1 mile) and walking trails with some single track trails all around the inside.

This has been a fantastic place for me to learn how to unicycle XC and muni (although saying these trails are muni is pushing it). For a beginner, the trails are very challenging. The hills are only 20 to ~70 feet tall. Some are steep enough that I can’t make it up even after three months of trying, and wish that I had a brake for the ride down (bad knees).

I would highly recommend this park to anyone who is new to unicycling and wants to try some “off road” trails in the middle of the Bay Area.

Here is a website with more info:

Unfortunately bikes (and, presumably, unicycles) are restricted to the paved trails. From :

“Bikes restricted to paved trails and roads”

Menlo Park’s municipal code doesn’t have a specific definition of “bicycle”. Per 11.08 “Definitions,” if they don’t have a definition, they defer to the California Vehicle Code. The California Vehicle Code is ambiguous on the definition of “bicycle” with relation to ungeared, standard unicycles (it’s defined differently in different places). So the status of ungeared unicycles at Bayfront Park is probably ambiguous.

Generally, don’t be an asshole and people won’t have to give you a hard time.