Bay Sessions

pretty sure he flipped the 24", mad props haha!! 24 fo life! !!! !

hope you’ve got another seatpost justin… :sunglasses:

wicked video guys, i laughed so hard

riding was wicked loved it!

Wow! I love this!

Can’t guarantee I directly relate to everything in the video, but I definitely can share the video’s attitude.

Great riding, great editing, great filming…just great!:slight_smile:

woo djeahhh, love it , love gangsters, love the riding that looks so street!

best video since a while :smiley:

justin your double backs are sick…and spencer the crankflip up the rock was pretty sweet, but i really like when you jumped up it and without a single correctional hop went into a rolling wrap…pretty sweet

really, really entertaining! i like it!! …and sick riding…

jeah good job!

i love the editing and the riding!

spencer you are one of my idols!

you and aaron man, both with the 24" action! he’s diehard for the big wheel…and he sends his props for being a 24" rider too.

though seriously, anybody riding street on a 24" has got balls and deserves props…i couldn’t roll like that!

Well thats because San Diego is not in the bay.

I think I am around 5’5 so I’m not tall, but when I started riding I was 4’9.
We were going to film more of aaron but he went away somewhere for a few days so we decided to finish it. He did a good job dancing…so I didn’t have to.

The vid summed up the week really well, it was a lot of fun.

This took extra long to type because I am using Adrien’s french keyboard and a lot of the keys are in different spots.

Hilarious video, really loved watching it haha, sweet filming & editing + something most videos lack… style :sunglasses:

Haha yea that was real nice man, I didnt think the music was bad, or the dancing :smiley:
Despite it not being my thing I thought Spencers flat was very nice, the line at 2:10 that spoonthumb was saying about was very slick, how sketchy was his flip up onto the rock though :slight_smile: Justin I love your riding and your style. Your riding was awesome, I was also a little disapointed there wasnt a inflip down the 5 after about 1:15 as well though :stuck_out_tongue:

spencer- great job on the donkey 1.5 flip. ive always been thinkin about it. sick flat.
Justin- sick vid. your style is great.

ahh spencer, you got to europe finally…long trip eh?
anyway, i finally got it up on youtube, as you must have noticed…

StAy, bAy…
and always rep

So can we have a high quality version or what?

Huh, I though youtubes wasnt that bad…funny video…

Yeah downloading the youtube version would be okay… But it would be nice to have a high quality download since it’s such a sweet video

ohhh okay haha

i forgot this but HALFCABS ROCK…or pretty much anyother vulc hightop

i second that. there was a lot of personality in this video…obviously tons! the qualities of this video are what i like to see in other videos. the riding is very good paced as well. it’s not predictable.

after watching defect and the replay value of heaton projects i’m generally disappointed by a lot of vids out there. however, it seems like you guys understand what it’s all about when it comes to enjoyable to watch uni movies.

good work!

YEA! Kohse knows where it’s AT! 24’s are the the only way to go. Yes, it was I that did nothing but dance and a crankflip…
On another note, Justin and Spencer are way better riders than me and that video was amazing because of that. I am honored to be in it, as this is my very first video appearance.
The video kicks… no if’s and’s or butts


true indeed brother, soo sooo true.

High tops for life.

oh and i don’t really know how to get the vid to any other higher quality internet hosting thing…so if you really wanna download it, tips on how to do that would be appreciated.