Bay Sessions

So Spencer came up to my place for a week to hang out and ride. We filmed the whole thing, and came up with this killer vid. It was way fun. The whole theme is related to how we role in the San Francisco Bay Area, where we Hyphy and Go Dumb. Which most of you won’t get. But it’ll be funny either way. I basically spent the whole time riding or trying to get Spencer to dance. We went to this new years eve party…man it was great. Good, good week. Now I’m rambling. Just watch the vid.


That is all.


I love watching your vids Justin. I love your fast paced style. That was a sweet backflip up the ledge.

Looked like fun. Song got a bit brutal to listen to. I wanna see the c-walk on the uni.

sick vid dudes!
Spencers riding was really cool. It was good seeing a bit of street out of him.
Your riding was really good too. I’m jealous of your doublebackflips. I already did the 2nd part of the Bayflip (the flip out), but I guess you were the first to get footage so:o . Anyways, Bayflip is a good name, it looks kinda like something from that area, I don’t know.
Oh and at 4:20 (tee-hee) I was sure that you were going to do a sick one handed inflip down that set and I was getting really pumped… but then you didn’t :angry: :stuck_out_tongue: .
I liked the theme too, it was hilarious. Ghost ridin the wip is fun as hell.

Very very cool. Download?

music is a bit funny, but good vid. That’s what I like to see! The editing, quality and filming were awesome. Riding kicked ass! That crakflip by Spencer (was it?) up the rock was damn impressive for starters

haha:p…You guys made a fool of yourself at the beginning kinda:p. Good funny though…retarded music, kinda cool when you get into it though…
But really good riding…all of you…Keep it up:)


haha weres your grill bro?

Good riding, although E-40 is 2DN music

absolutely amazing!!! that was some of the best riding ive ever seen. the music was cool for a bit, but did grow old, as it lasted so long, but i think if the music switched a bit more it would have been bett.

awesome job!

I normally don’t like that type of music, but it fitted really good for the whole thing I thought.

Music sucked, riding was awesome.

haha, Its funny that 2 of you were dancing the whole time, but spencer never did.

Don’t worry Spencer, i wouldn’t have either:D

Can you put up a download link?

Awesome vid guys…but Justin you need to learn 540s though ! You seem to spin 3s fast enough, so what’s holding you !!! They’re da real shit niggae !!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m happy Spencer wasn’t that weird when he was at my house :slight_smile:


sheeeit man, i was throwin 540s before you were born kid!
haha, no seriously though, i used to land them a lot, but it got to be a pain, so i stopped practicing them, and now their a bit rusty.

anyway, i think its funny how many of you cats commented on the music…that song is like the one song that everybody where i live knows and loves, adn dances too, despite the fac that it lacks anything even the slightest bit musical. i jsut think its way funny. i know it got repetetive, but thats kinda just part of why that song is so funny…and damn i played it like 1.5 times!

thanks for all the comments

oh and sorry for the lack of inflipage…never tried that down a 5 set…
that’d be so friggin nuts!

Sick flattin’ Spencer. Can’t wait to sess with you in germany bro. I’ll get you to dance damn it. ha.

-Shaun Johanneson

simply put.
both of you guys’ parts were soooo good.

weird question, spencer how tall are you?
because i remember watching your old videos and you were always a littler guy.
no offense.
and now it looks like you have gotten a lot bigger haha


ha! that vid was soooo sick boys.

I loved the hyphy music and dancing hahaha(only know that cause of talking to spencer)

great riding from both of u. spencer your flat is so sick i love it and am jeolous. ha wow that was a great vid

haha I like how there is one kid who doesn’t do anything. He just dances in the beggining and does a crankflip at the end

This is my favorites video now. Seriously, it was great.

I loved the music, the small voice parts, the dancing, the riding, I loved it all.

Do you have a HQ version of it?

This is the first video in a long time that made me want to go out and ride and have some fun. Maybe dance a little bit too. =p