Battling the breeze - 29er v brisk gale

Having had decreased uni’ing time this week because it’s getting dark much earlier in the evening now, I was determined to ride today to test the 125 cranks.

It was a bit breezy here, which I knew meant it would be blowing a gale at the beach. Nevertheless, I was determined. (I would never have dreamed of riding along the prom on a saturday afternoon in the summer due to wall to wall holiday makers, but on a dull and windy afternoon in september, with rain threatening, I knew it would be quiet).

I became slightly less determined when I reached the prom as it was, indeed, blowing a gale. I rode a little into the wind, to check I could do it, as it was going to be blowing against me on the way back. Then I set off on my usual route.

The 125s were fantastic compared to the 150 cranks. I found the ride much more comfortable. It seemed that with the 125s I was able to use the balancing in my legs to compensate for the slanting of the prom. I had found this much more difficult with the 150s. I also found that various parts of me were less effected with saddle numbness. All in all a vary successful ride and I was very pleased with myself.

Then I turned round.

It was like riding up a very steep hill. Or at times, into a brick wall. The wind was also a bit gusty so I had to balance to compensate the wind aswell as the floor. After about a mile I wasn’t feeling quite so pleased with myself and eventually got blown off and walked for a while. (Which was quite pleasant, and I saw the seals for the first time this year, poking thier noses through the waves).

Anyway, all good practice, I’m sure. And good exercise. I can eat chocolate tonight without feeling too guilty. IF only I could freemount the thing.


And I forgot to say that having my MP3 Player’s headphones in my ears stopped the wind from hurting my ears. I wish I’d known that before, I would have stuck earphones in my ears years ago - would have saved me much pain.

Also, an unexpected (maybe I’m a bit slow) effect of the 29er is I don’t get my feet wet when riding through puddles like I used to on the bike. Cool.