Bathroom Unicycling Video

Hey guys been a while since ive put a video out, mainly because i got a nice new camera and don’t know how to use it very well which is really frustrating and anti climatic having been so excited about getting it, any way back to the point.

This mostly for entertainment purposes and most definetly doesn’t show off my riding capabilities, it shows my riding capabilities after a 6 month devon wet winter.
so any way, as always feedback is appreciated.

Much Love

some of the tricks were cool but it was hard to tell what was going on some of the time and you took quite a bit of time w/ filming the bath tub

hmm do you mean i had a couple of attempts, which i did, i tried for like 10 minutes to get it but it just kept flipping. anyways thanks

Hihi Lol but cool vid:D

I meant when you were getting in it at the end

ha ha well yeh i said it was optional, you not tried getting in a bath quickly, its pretty painful, so i took it slow

Haha, That’s funny! I had a similar idea a while back and was going to call it “Toilet Trials”.:stuck_out_tongue:

ah dam it i may have to change the title, although it was so hard to do anything other than hop on that thing, it fell over first time i did it

Sweet, new dance moves at the end I c. Nothing like a quick dip.

cheers for friendly comments, expect more as weather gets better

Bout time you had a bath Lucas :stuck_out_tongue:

…I don’t get it…

How did you come out of the bathtub completely dry?!?!?:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice riding and everything. Gave me a chuckle.

hahahahaa nice vid

Outstanding video Lucas, simply sublime. Love the bath tub.