Basketball Trickshots on Unicycle!

Pretty random video of some guy on a Unicycle making basketball trickshots…

It seems like this video is for a competition. Haven’t seen anything like it and thought I’d share!:


That’s good stuff!

Totally fake, though.

:smiley: Thats pretty cool!

Thanks for sharing

I almost thought it was all real :wink:

A really fun little video. Yes the uni basketball shots were fake (you can’t bullet the ball like that with just arm motion) but I was entertained!

I’m pretty sure its real.
Here’s his first entry

I’m 100% sure it’s fake. It’s way easier to fake that kind of stuff than to make those kinds of basketball shots. And it’s been done for commercials many times before.

For example:

To clarify any confusion…

all the shots in both videos were real.

David has been doing trick shots for a while now. You can search his name (David Kalb) on Youtube for more crazy trick shots.

He is always flattered when people say his shots are fake, it just proves how amazing/difficult each shot really is. The level of difficulty for each shot is pretty high…

I’m glad you all enjoyed it!