Basketball, trials and juggling : May 6-8, Paris, France (reminder)

Leider ist mein Deutsch nicht gut genug. Kann jemand Ubersetzen ?

One of the two main French unicycle events will take place on May 6-8 in Ris-Orangis, 20 km South of Paris.

On the agenda :

  • Friday, May 7th:
  • 10.00 : opening
  • 14.00 : circus performing workshop (beginner’s level)
  • 14.00 : uni races (on stadium lane)
  • 14.00 : trials, uni races
  • 20.30 : concert
  • Saturday, May 8th:
  • 9.00 : French uni federation meeting
  • 14.00 : uni basketball tournament
  • 17.00 : children’s performance
  • 18.30 : downtown parade
  • 20.30 : clowns and jugglers show
  • Sunday, may 9th:
  • 10.00 : ride in the nearby woods (please appoint at 9.30)
  • 13.30 : uni basketball tournament
  • 14.30 : unicycling and juggling games
  • 15.30 : basketball junior’s finals
  • 16.00 : basketball adult’s finals
  • 19.00 : open show

In addition at almost all times : free unicycling and juggling in gym, drinks, snacks.

Fees :

  • whole 3-day event, including (spartan) accomodation, breakfasts and shows but NOT meals : 15 euros(*)
  • meals (lunch, supper) : 4 euros each

(*) bargain price : 10 euros for registrations before May 1st.

Basketball teams willing to participate in the championship are kindly invited to register before April 1st for ease of organization (teams may be formed locally for poor lonesome unicyclists).

Warning : non-marking out tyres and plastic-made pedals are mandatory for unicycling in the gym, including basketball tournament (update : still under discussion with community officials, plastic pedals should be necessary only for the basketball semi-finals and final, and you may purchase pedals locally).

Information :

Organization : Haut-les-Mains.

Accomodation under tents - please bring your sleeping bag.

If you want to come a few days earlier and leave a bit later, very basic accomodation may be provided at no charge.

We look forward to meet you there ! :smiley:

Bilder sind hier zu sehen :

WE had a fantastic week-end
I related it on the English speaking forum :

And it was really nice to see you, David, Hannah, Stephan and Uri, again ! I hope you liked it !

Uri helping us in the kitchen the day before the beginning :

David won the Trial :

David and Hannah won lots of races (but not the coasting)!!

The freestylers were very pleased to watch you (freestyle is not really developped in France).

Hannah mounts to stand up gliding

Stephan during the Muni ride

There are also other very good pics here :

I hope we’ll see you again next year (and probably sooner, in Denmark or in Nice for our French Cup).
Do not hesitate to tell us about the national event organized in Germany or Austria ! Some of us may try to come.


Why don’t the pics appear when they do on Rec.Sport.Unicycling ?

Frage bitte wiederholen !?

Die Bilder am sind stark komprimiert. Bei Antrag kann ich die originale Datei emailen. :sunglasses:

It seemed that I misspelled your name Juri,
I’m really sorry !