Basketball on a wider rim

I’ve tried playing basketball on a variety of unicycles. Lately I’ve been riding my Kris Holm flatland unicycle (20") and I like the stability of the wider rim and the greater ability to hop. I’d like to try a similar setup with a larger wheel and I’m considering having a wheel built around the KH Freeride 24" rim (which is the same width, 47mm). Does anyone have experience playing basketball on this rim? If so, what tires have you tried?

We’re kinda fans of the Sun Rhyno Lite; it’s wider than most rims but not as big as the Freeride. It looks like the weights are similar on the cut-out version. Hopping solidly is a good thing to be able to do.

Thanks, Tom. My metric conversion was misfiring and I didn’t realize this rim was wider than the Nimbus FS2432 which I tried out for a couple months. How stable are side hops on it?

I don’t do aggressive side hops, so I’m not the guy to ask. I’m using a Big Apple 2.0" which I think has enough integrity to stand up to big side hops, but it depends how much air you have in it. It’s definitely not a trials rim.