basket ball unicycle

what is the best build for a basket ball unicycle? like hub tire size crank length ect…

I recommend a “regular” 24" with 140mm cranks. Regular means 1.75" tire. Miyata used to be the best, as they were really light and responsive. What you don’t want is a heavy wheel. No knobbies for serious play. Exact tire type probably depends on whether indoors or outdoors, but look for a tread like what’s on entry level or old-school unicycles.

If I were buying one today I’d go for the Nimbus II (in red), but that’s a bit more than you really need. One of the Club unis is probably fine for bball.

update: I have been playing on a tennis court and i went to spin around really quick and my wheel bent super bad :frowning:

What wheel were you riding?

Cheap ass sun

Basketball is hard on wheels; you want a good wheel build. I concur with Foss that lightness in the wheel is good for maneuverability. 24" is the predominant size, although some people do well on 20" unis. The 20" is nimbler and makes it easier to pick up the ball, but you lose 2" of height which is a problem for basketball. A 20" might be appropriate for someone playing a guard position.

Personally, I prefer shorter cranks, 125mm, which make your riding faster and smoother. I also prefer as low Q-factor as you can get, to reduce pedal conflicts in tight spaces. I use a Miyata which has a 92mm hub diameter; other than Miyata, no one is making a decent 24" unicycle with an 92mm hub, so you probably are stuck with the 100mm Nimbus hub. At 100mm, you might as well get ISIS cranks, although I’m running square taper.

Best is a quality smooth high-volume tire like the Schwalbe Big Apple. Plastic pedals for floor and shin friendliness. Seat run slightly low to aid with ball pickups. Good seatpost clamp. Quality wheel build.

i am looking at picking up a cheap 24 or rebuilding my wheel with i nicer rim. or even getting a N24isis with a nonmarking tire. idk yet. i like both sizes. what is the best for hockey and bball? i am looking at a club 24 with short cranks.

Serious hockey players other than goalies almost exclusively use 20" wheels. Serious basketball players almost exclusively use 24" wheels.

well crap! i am going to continue to use my sun. may get a n20 isis

Your Sun’s wheel probably folded due to a cheapie rim, and probably loose spokes. Factory-built wheels are fine for light riding, but without a tune-up or other attention, the spokes will generally continue to loosen, making the wheel weaker. Properly tensioned, your original Sun wheel would probably be fine for basketball. Or now with a new rim and spokes! :slight_smile:

And yes, 125 or 140 on the cranks. 125 gives you a little more speed and smoothness, while 140 gives you more power to accelerate, decelerate and change directions quickly.

It was tensioned :frowning: I am looking at rims now and it’s not going good

I’m not a serious bball player but I like the nimbleness of a 20" wheel (Nimbus X). I usually play 1x1 or 2x2 so perhaps a crowded court would make this less of a factor. I give up 9 inches (standing height) to the person I play against most so a couple inches is not much of a factor. But I haven’t played on a 24" wheel in quite a while, either. I may have to give it another try with the Berkeley festival coming up.

No… you need a Nimbus E-Sport… :slight_smile:

A little teaser for you guys, but there is going to be a purpose built basket ball unicycle produced by Nimbus and you wont have long to wait until release.


that is sooo coool roger! 24in wheel? how much will it cost? i desided what i am going to do :slight_smile: i am going to rebuild my wheel into a nice rim

Yes, it is a 24". I wont say too much more… but it is really really nice. We have one in the office and the discussion is who is going to steel it!


i am excited!

UDC UK seems a bit short of 29ers at the moment Roger - any news on when you’ll have some in stock?

UDC sells a 92 mm ISIS hub and offer it on a 20 Nimbus Eclipse, but not a 24 (out of stock?).

You could build up a 24 w/ that hub w/ a frame that has 100mm spacing and just push the legs in a bit (should be fine w/ steel).

But an ISIS crankset is overkill for basketball. Good for if you plan to do more destructive riding, but unnecessary otherwise…

but are there any strong square taper cranks that wont bent like the ones from UDC?