Basic Muni Techniques: Conquering Obstacles

Just a few techniques, mostly for muni, on how to conquer obstacles. Video is pretty lame, but a lot of people ask about these. Feel free to leave comments and questions.

Apologies about the quality of video, audio, and editing. But please don’t complain unless you’re willing to send me a new camera and editing software.

Music: Mondo Beat “Ti Mon Bo”

Nicely done. I like the bit about pre-weave.
Similarly you can come up on the obstacle at an angle and angle in when the cranks are right.

Pre Hop term is normally used for side hops, which can be used here too.
In Kris’s “Thunder Dragon” he used the term micro hop for a small hop forward to align the cranks.

Good Collection of Muni Techniques - I think… =P

I’m new to this forum and fairly new to unicycling… Been trying out a few different types of unicycling and I have finally decided that municycling is for me… I thought that this might help… And it did…

I think i can do all of these tricks… Except maybe the rolling pre hop if it is over a big obstacle… =P.

Why is pre weaving used?? What is the advantage of preweaving??


Pre-Weaving is for when your cranks aren’t going to line up just from riding straight, so you weave back in forth before the obstacle so that you cranks are in the right position. And a pre-hop has the potential to make your second hop even higher.

nice vid dane i like the weave move iv been hoping off a wall in the park im up to about 3 feet now i want to do the turn in the air so i can pedal out when i land as the landing feels to jar through me have you any tips on doing this i keep looking at it but im not sure if i will fall back when i land and into the wall cheers rob

Well when doing big drops, I try to make sure that my seat is low enough that I don’t smack into it when I land. I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, but I think you’re wondering how to roll out of a drop?

If so, it’s difficult to get good rolls out of static jumps sometimes. Of course if you jump out further, it means that you will have more momentum when you land and that may help. Or getting a rolling start (if possible) will help you roll out your landing.

ye thats what ment do i have to land cranks flat or just keep pedling all the way

I find it easiest to land with cranks horizontal, but if you have enough momentum, you can land in pretty much any position.

thanks dane ill give it a try next time out if im not too chicken:D

… and they end up lining up because the wheel actually travels a slightly farther distance. If the trail is wide enough you could zig zag. Or if you are coming at the obstacle at an angle you could come more or less directly to make slightly less or more revs of the wheel (which is what I think Frank was suggesting)

These can also be used for rolling over. Curbs are great practice for this.

That was a really good instructional video. On the pre-weaving when you get ready to the do the roll-hop, you can leave the wheel at a 45 degree angle with the obstacle instead of turning to ride straight ahead and do sort of a “diagonal” roll-hop (or a combination side/front hop).

Yes a good point to bring up. I did a forward rolling hop after the pre-weaving, but you can use it for any of the other techniques demonstrated.

It is good to learn all of the techniques to conquer an obstacle, and pre-weaving just makes it so that you have more control over which technique you end up utilizing.