Basic Maintenance

So, I finally upgraded from my trainer Uni and am on a Muni now. Is there any routine maintenance key to a Uni’s longevity? I mean my main sport XC Bike racing, there’s maintenance to do after every 3 rides or so. So could anyone explain the preventative maintenance on most Muni’s?

Also just wondering, has anyone ever tried clipless pedals on a Unicycle?

Generally there’s not a whole lot. Make sure the spokes are tight and basically tension-balanced. If you feel like it, make sure the pedals and cranks are tight. The seat bolts sometimes get loose.

Other than that, fix things that break.

Many threads on this.

Mainly just make sure everything is tight. Cranks, frame & seat bolts, post clamp, pedals, spokes & true rim, and check tire pressure. Depending on how much you ride and if they get any rust, bearings need to be repacked w/ grease every other year or so.

My cranks had a tendency to loosen. Turns out a bit of grease got on the threads of the bolts. I cleaned and torqued them to the max (45 ft.lbs. on my DX) w/ blue locktite, similar w/ my seat bolts. That, tightening spokes and refilling/changing tires, are the only things I’ve ever had to do to any of my unis.

When riding regularly I check most of it about once a week.

Clipless - not recomended but a few have, I think all on SPD’s. Get reall comfortable w/ a particular system on a b*ke, then practice in your yard. I’ve also read that it helps to be really good at riding w/ one foot w/ L & R on your Muni. SPD’s also make a different cleet that releases when pulled up.