Basic Big Street Skills-what can YOU do?

Static hop up something? how it that not trails.

The only thing that is even remotely street like here, is rolling hop… but even that isn’t really “big street”. If someone makes a street video and there is all these grinds and tricks, and then one clip of a rolling hop down a massive 4-flat-4 set, that is perfectly street. But if the whole video is static hops gaps, sliding pedal grab on flat rail ;), and that one massive rolling hop, I would have a hard time calling that a street video. Even if its not “really” trials either.

Street is much more about tricks than dick size, I mean hop height. And even though big street is about going big, there is much more to it than just gaps and ups and downs.

Very true! if we just count any stair sizes, then I can say I’ve dropped a NINE set, static! :smiley:

Of course. Anything that doesn’t include any trick and is static is trials (assuming that you jump in one place and end up in another place). I figured that was obvious (though I shouldn’t have, as Skrobo did mention it).

Yes, if you make a video with all these nice tricks down sets and across gaps, and up obstacles, and then you throw in a clip of you clearing a 12 set, then cheers to you, nice street video. If you make a video with some nice and creative trials lines, and then throw in a clip of you clearing a 12 set, then yeah, cheers to you, nice trials video.

But If you make a video with nothing but rolling hops, just in different areas, and then you throw in a clip of you clearing a 12 set, and maybe a few flat rails, then, well… your rolling hop is good, but it’s not THAT good. One clip could have done it justice. You’re not a street rider, you are not a trials rider, you are just a guy who focuses all his unicycle practice on one specific thing, so that you can excel in that one specific area, so that you can convince yourself (and perhaps others) that your dick is larger than everyone else’s. Sure, you end up with a nice, long dick, but then, in reality, you are finished before she even takes off her bra. So much for your big dick, you don’t even know the first thing about how to use it. (sorry for being a bit graphic here, just building off of Sam’s original analogy :p)

How about we just don’t go there? Unicycling is a great way to really express and exercise one’s creativity, let’s keep it that way. If dick size is your only concern, then you are probably better off playing football or something. Unicycling can work to a certain extent as a penis enlarger, but that’s really not what it’s about.

My biggest things:

7 set
Crankflip 7 set

RH 5 set

Those stairs aren’t too small; they are probably steeper than a lot of sets that you may find around town.

Now I need to work on crankflips and spins because I can’t ride street without those.

Yeah my particular 9 set is pretty steep and high, but definitely shorter than the typical 9 set I find in the city. :slight_smile:

Maaaaan you guys talk a lot.

Trickless big street isnt boring. But Trickless big street VIDEOS are boring. If I do something for a video I’d only put the best of the best in (from what I’ve filmed).

Anyway, trickless big street is for people that cant do tricks I’m guessing.

I still like it though of course. 180s and 360s are great aswell.

… I lol’ed… so dam hard.

Yes, it’s fun to do, but it shouldn’t be the ONLY thing you do. You like that stuff (yes, it can be fun), but then you also do other things as well. It’s good to have a little bit of trickless big street capability, but it’s not something that anyone should really focus on.

K hold up.

Are you talking about this thread, or just skrobo :stuck_out_tongue:

I am talking about my opinion on limiting one’s riding to prohibit artistic expansion. This is not about Skrobo, this is about how I see unicycling in general.

I think Skrobo’s big sets, drops and gaps are great! It really is visually awesome to watch imo. But I also like flat tricks, street and pretty much all types of riding. As long as the video doesn’t get redundant with the same stuff over and over. Variety, originality, and just showing that you’re having FUN is so important I think.

Obviously everybody has their preferences, but for me, if it was a choice between a 2 minute video of crankflip variations, or a 2 minute video of BIG drops, stair sets and gaps, I’d be more inclined to watch the latter first. :slight_smile: But hey, it’s ALL good! :smiley:

What if you could choose between those two, as well as a video with crankflip variations down almost as big drops, stair sets and gaps?

show me one… this thread is asking about big street skills, everyone understands what you like better…

I hope too sometime in the semi-near future. At least to the best of my ability.

Glad to hear it.

Absolutely! It goes to my previous point about variety. Mix it up is my philosophy! Like great music and movies, their must be development as it goes along, keeping interest and wanting more, with a satisfying and unexpected finale. :slight_smile:

Yes and I agree.

But this is a thread made for a specific reason. No point bashing it.

No more bashing on my part.