Basic Big Street Skills-what can YOU do?

I’m trying to keep it simple… no tricks here… maybe throw in your best trick that you’re proud of doing down stairs or gapping over or something?
stairs rolling
stairs static

Stairs static SIF
Stairs static SI
stairs rolling

distance on rail, with # of stairs if appliccable

-massiveness-flat ground is just so restricting sometimes… include picture or video with a time reference.

stairs rolling 12
stairs static 11

Stairs static SIF 5
Stairs static SI 5
stairs rolling 7

5 feet?

-distance uhh… 10 feet 2 inches … read comments on the video attached to see why i’m unsure…
-massiveness- last 20 seconds or so of video here

You can hop up a 5 stair… Static?? SEAT IN!!! A ROLLING HOP A 7??? I don’t believe that at all to be honest.

My big street skills… Never tried much/not messured/can’t be judged :stuck_out_tongue:

But big street with no tricks is so boring though!

I can crankflip around 2m in length, and around 75cm up. I can also lateback about as far as I can crankflip.

lol must have been a tiny 7 or a long and not so high one.Otherwise you must have the highest rolling hop in the world

Not gonna comment about the static SI 5 stair Mike?

No cause i can almost do that on a small one.So i know its possible

I’m sure its possible… But… You know… lol

stairs rolling: probably 5. I don’t try big ones because I don’t want to break anything. Upgrade coming soon perhaps. :slight_smile:
stairs static: Uh…3(?)

I can’t really jump SIF. Yesterday I was doing rolling side hops up two big stairs with ease. 3 seems so much harder though.

No rails.

-distance: Never measured. Maybe 4 feet(That’s being generous).

No wonder Jerrick called you a “beast”!

I disagree, especially since I can’t do tricks. :stuck_out_tongue:

they were small :smiley:

and i do everything SI static, i very rarely do SIF… I rather like static, and i rarely use prehops…

i do everything SI static, i very rarely do SIF??

9 stairs rolling
9 stairs static

4 Stairs static SIF
3 Stairs static SI
4 stairs rolling

a 5set.

I haven’t measured any of the things I didn’t write about

stairs rolling 8
stairs static 7

Stairs static SIF 3 with trials, 2 with coker
Stairs static SI 3
stairs rolling 3

coker grind lol! maybe 1-2 feet

-distance 5 feet static

Shouldn’t really count then. I’ve jumped up a crazy small 8 before. Was at a kids playground lol

Steps are quite a subjective measurement. I have some steps across the street from my house that are bigger than any other steps that I have ever hopped on, but it’s hard to communicate how big they really are. Maybe we should make a system of measuring steps using only one number. That would be cool. :slight_smile:

Forgive me if I’m wrong, no tricks, jumping up and down things, isn’t this Trials and NOT big street?

The thing that I don’t like about trickless big street is that there are very few things to it.

Let’s see:
Rolling hop length
Rolling hop height
Ability to take rolling drops
Grinding as big a rail as possible
Being able to combine rolling hop length and height

So, in a video, what you get as a result is:
The biggest high jump you can do,
the biggest stair set you can clear,
the longest gap you can clear,
the biggest drop you can do,
the biggest rail you can grind,
the second biggest high jump you can do,
the second biggest stair set you can clear,
the second longest gap you can clear,
the second biggest drop you can do,
the second biggest rail you can grind,
the third biggest high jump you can do,
the third biggest stair set you can clear,
the third longest gap you can clear,
the third biggest drop you can do,
the third biggest rail you can grind,

And so on, depending on how much time you would like to waste. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would prefer a video with each clip being the best you can do for that instance, instead of a repeat of the same 5 things over and over again, were there you see 5 impressive things, and then see the same things being done less impressively.

You know? Trickless big street is just too monotonous. I love watching big street with many tricks incorporated, whether they are flip tricks or tricks of a different nature, and maybe the 5 possibilities of trickless big street. However, when I do watch a pure trickless big street video, I do wish that the video was only 5 clips long. If you would like to ride pure trickless big street, then that’s fine with me, but for me, I can’t imagine it not getting old after awhile, practicing only 5 different things, with no real innovation or personal creativity. There is only one thing that you can get creative with in trickless big street, and that is the obstacles you choose. Add some tricks, and you’ve got many more variables to play around with. With tricks, you can still creatively choose obstacles, as well as creatively choose what you want to do up/down/along them.

Unicycling for me is a way to exercize my creativity, and to really innovate in an active manner. I am terrible at drawing, I am terrible at playing instruments, I can’t sing, unicycling (as well as some skateboarding, snowboarding and scootering) is my art form. When you only have 5 things to get better at, it seems like unicycling is less of an art and more comparable to perhaps baseball, where your only real options for creativity is in choosing what performance enhancing drugs to take, and how to get away with it. I’m usually quite bored with watching most team sports, but I absolutely love the sports that allow personal creativity. We are not long-jumping machines, we are individuals, with our own ideas, and our own personalities, and to limit a sport to a short list of things to improve on doesn’t really seem to accommodate our individual creativity very well.

Well, it’s basically like rolling trials+ flow.

What the hell does a 5 foot grind have to do with big street?
Since when do we measure rails in length and not stairs… and if its not a hand rail or something abstract and not meant to be grind, its not big street. Measuring the length of the rail by feet is something you would do with a flat rail… get that crap out of your “big street” classification.

Im with you. WTF I dont care how rolling or urban it is, if you are not thinking about what tricks you can do on the obstacle its not street. NOT EVEN CLOSE. If all you can do is a big rolling hop cause the set is so big, then so be it… but a street rider will go hit a smaller set and huck a 540.

This thread would be better titled: “Brag about your dick size.”

Haha, I would agree that it’s not exactly street, but I wouldn’t say that it’s really trials either.

Edit: I would say that trials does take a lot more creativity than trickless big street, when done correctly. Though it’s rare, trials can indeed be done in a very nice and original manner. I am bored with most trials videos, but some can be great!