Fun riding in my basement wich is one foot higher than my head… Landed some cool new tricks. Enjoy!

wo! nice video emile
love 360-fullout-540, very clean :smiley:

I think that song made me lose intelligence.

Everything else was really cool, the filming and editing made it look smooth, riding was good too.

@ Toni: Thanks, I like it too, it took me quite a while to land it.

@ Jon: Haha, thanks.

Every trick in that vid was new for me, except the 180 unispin to foot jam and 90unispin to leg around on tire.

-90unispin to leg around on tire to 180unispin
-90unispin to leg around on tire one footed donkey kick
-90unispin to double leg around on tire
-360unispin to fulloutspin to 540unispin

can you upload it on vimeo?
youtube doesn´t work

That was awesome. I loved the spin combo. Cool style.

Glad my kids stepped out of the room before I started watching.

+10 for video
-1 for each obscenity

total: -768

Actually, I’m just extrapolating. I muted after the first 10 seconds.

Thanks Eli :slight_smile:

Sorry for the song. I would have like a ‘General’ version of it, but I didn’t found one.

Also, most of the time I don’t really hear the swearing and bad things in songs when they are in english (my first language is french). Sorry for that. I apologies if it offended anyone. The beat sounds cool tho.

EDIT: Just read the lyrics… no comments haha.

Actually, I could censor the song in Vegas but I didn’t tought about it before now. I’ll do that next time it’s too offensive.

Good little video. I didnt even notice the swearing until i read the comments. Whatever, still liked the video even though i thought it could have been fit to the song a little better.

So tie your shoe…