baseball shin guards?

i have been looking into shin guards recently and i was wondering if anyone has ever tried or thought about using catcher shin guards to protect your legs, i was looking at these because they come in a bunch of colors and one size fits all. Ideas?

baseball catcher shin guards ofc

Never played baseball so can’t comment - how heavy-duty are these? I like how they seem to cover your WHOLE leg!

I also found lots of different sizes so not sure on ‘one size fits all’ though.

Side thought - When I first saw the title I immediately thought of those massive ones cricket players wear. I think those might be a bit excessive :roll_eyes:

Yeah, they’re very heavy duty. Catchers are as much at risk as cricketers or hockey goalies. The pads are slimmer because catchers need to be more mobile, not because they’re in less danger. :slight_smile:

I’d guess that a learning unicyclist isn’t going to hit anything or get hit by anything that hard–and also there’s no back-of-the-leg protection where pedals sometimes also bite. If you’ve got them or just really like the idea, go for it. But you wouldn’t be far from the price of proper mountain bike/mountain uni leg armor if you had to go buy some, and soccer shin guards would be less expensive and less cumbersome if you just want something there. Several of us started with those.

I’m intruiged by the possibility of using catchers leg armor. The biggest problem I have with the pads I have is they slide down and to the side so my knees aren’t as covered as I’d like. Once I sweat a little the stay in place better. Could be a sizing issue but I’ve seen others deal with similar issues.

+1 on back leg protection, which catchers don’t have. It’s a trade off between protection and venting to keep your legs cool.