Basebal style uni hat

So who makes them? Preferably Muni.

I can’t seem to find any. I remember seeing one hear a guy had made for his club in Tennessee or something.

Not Muni but quick google search brought up this…

You can also just get a pic and go to and make the hat yourself and buy one that YOU designed.

EDIT: not sure if this link works, but if it does you can pick pretty much any of these logos and put them on a black cap

I can get you one, there is a hat heat press at my house for our small little custom hat and shirt bussiness. What do you want on it? It shouldn’t cost more than $15 for a custom order.

Try Memphis Unicycle Club. Look here. Send Tommy a note and ask if he still has some hats.

haha i like this one!

Thats funny but I don’t really get it???

short people can’t reach the pedals.

Lol, so mean but so funny.