Base broken-buy new, or fix?

Hey guys and gals,

About 3 weeks ago, I did a crankflip off three pallets, and I landed on the handle of my seat I didn’t notice it for a couple of days, but my seatpost was bent. I took off the seat, and pulled the seatpost into position with my c-wrench, turning it the opposite way. Eventually, both sides were bent, so instead of taking the seat off every jump and fixing the post, I’d just pull up on the handle and put it in the approximate place.

Today I was attempting doubles, and I landed on the handle and my base snapped. :frowning:

So I have a few questions.

I ordered moments cranks and a KH forged seatpost yesterday.

  1. Can I return and order from UDC?
  2. Should I sell my Nimbus, and buy a KH 07 from Bike Island.

-I have $350 plus a nimbus unicycle

  1. Should I buy a carbon fiber base, and keep the KH forged seatpost and moments.
  • If I chose this option, my unicycle would be.

[LEFT]Nimbus II frame. (although I want a KH frame, this is a great and STRONG frame) (steel, like my abs)
KH forged seatpost
Moment Cranks 137mm
Nimbus hub, rim, ?spokes?
Super worn CC[/LEFT]

  1. I am trying double flips, and I constantly land on my handle, bending my already bent post. Will a KH forged seatpost, how about a CF base?


Hmm… I break bases a lot too. I’m not sure what to tell you. If I had the money, I would probably buy myself a carbon fiber seatbase.

What do you do, buy a new seat?

Also forgot. I messed up the screws in my Nimbus Gel Seat, but the base is still good, I could use it.

I bought two new KH seats and two new KH posts. It seems to me like CrMo posts break the seats, while KH posts break before the actual seat does. not sure about the Nimbus Gel Seat. I don’t really like how fat they are. :roll_eyes:

You have steel abs? Sorry, I’m not qualified to answer seriously your questions.

I thought the Nimbus was narrower in the back width wise? :thinking:

I’m gonna take the cover off my nimbus gel seat, and use the base from that. Will this work?

I took off the cover of my nimbus gel saddle, only to find that the seat stiffner broke too.

So I’m gonna take the two seat stiffeners and weld them together, then I’ll put my good base on.

Any problems with this?^^

No, skrobo did something like that. Heavy, but it works.

If I were you I would get a cf base and koxx seat, I just like koxx seats more. Either way get the cf base, should cost like 10$ or so for the bolts and junk. Your going to need a square file aswell. Get a tryall tire. End of it. If you really want to spend the rest get some nice pedals?

My MUni saddle has a double stiffener plate in it like that. It feels much stiffer than with the regular stiffener plate.

Eric, is that a good thing?

yes it definitely is a good thing
i would have told you to get a crmo post
and a CF seat…
then you would be done with breaking those forever… unless you do something very weird and hurtfull to the uni.

be careful welding the plates together because the holes will NOT line up. it is better to buy a thin sheet of metal and weld it to the top, and drill big holes through that. it will be stronger, lighter, and not as heavy

p.s. good luck getting a CF base if that’s the way you go.

I’d go with a carbon fiber base. Thats the next upgrade I’m getting for my uni (unless something else breaks).