Barton in the Beans Blubberhouses Ride report

Today, five intrepid cokeurs hauled themselves out of their respective beds at the crack of dawn and reported to two meeting points, my house in Nottingham and a car park somewhere in Nuneaton.

We then proceeded to come down en-masse upon several places with silly names. First, we headed towards Newton Burgoland, with the Nottingham Contingent arriving there half an hour early due to John (Himsworth) having a camelbak full of amphetimine sulphate or so it seemed. 24 miles in 2 hours including stops and navigation, which we were mildly chuffed by. Unfortunately, the other 3 coming from Nuneaton had decided to take a long route and were a bit behind. We were getting cold, so we phoned up and said we’d ride slowly to the pub via Sheepy Magna and Sheepy Parva giving people time to catch up. This cunning plan somewhat failed to work due to a combination of John’s camelbak full of speed and a certain kind of pub magnetism, with us reaching the pub 15 minutes before the first one of the other group arrived. This was good as we got our food order in nicely early and got ours first. After a massive meal, including for me a rather ill advised large plate of cheeses, we set off to go to Barton in the Beans and back to Beeston, making for a total of 64 miles travelled by us from Nottingham.

Pictures and useful descriptions of the places we visited are here in my Blubberhouses album!


That was indeed a good ride. Thanks to Joe for having such a bloomin silly idea for a ride.
By my calculations the distance was 73.8 miles, which is a fairly long way. That includes an extra 5 miles, which of course is because I am a far better rider than Joe, and also because I wanted to go home, and I live further away from Barton in the Beans than him.
I refute all allegations about random substances in my camelback. It was an entirely legal white powder. Although it did feel like I needed more of it on the way home… Just one more hit, maaan…