Barry's Ride. 10, 25 and 50 mile charity ride Rhinebeck, NY Oct 14

This will be my third year riding in this event.

That may be hard to believe since it’s called, The Second Annual Barry’s Ride for Children. But they had changed the organization last year and the name changed.

Link to the ride site

The money raised from the event will benefit the children at the Astor Home in Rhinebeck, NY.

$30.00 early, postmarked before Oct. 8.
$40.00 up to the day of the event on Oct 14.

The rides:
10 miles, 10:00am (that’s what I ride)
25 miles, 9:30am
50 miles. 9:00am

The event is Sunday Oct. 14 with a rain date of Oct. 21.

The rides begin and end at The Astor Home for Children, 6339 Mill St. Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Directions: Along route 9. About a quarter mile south of the Rhinebeck town traffic light, on the right.

Helmets are mandatory.

A BBQ follows the ride.

The first time I rode two years ago there was probably a 100 riders (one unicyclist). Last year they had reorganized, there were probably only 10, (one unicyclist). I was told last year that the organization members had worked out their differences, and next year (this year) they would be working together again. So I’m hoping there will be a large turnout (of unicycles).

Registration is 8:00am to 10:30am the day of the ride.

Each route gives the riders plenty of scenic roads coupled with autumn beauty in Dutchess county. The terrain is rolling to hilly with some winding roads.


The ride is this Sunday, and the weather report is looking good.

Last year was a great ride, and I’m looking forward to giving it another roll.

I’m planning to start at ~9:30am with the 25 mile riders, and do the 10 mile route (which formally starts at 10am), so I get back about the same time as the bikers.

I haven’t heard of other unicyclist planning to show, but it would be a great surprise.

Sorry Ken, I’m not going to make it.

Have a great ride.

this stinks… if i knew about it earlier i would have gone… but it’s 10 now and i cant drive myself. I didnt go on the forums for like a month… thats prob why i missed it. It sounds like it would have been fun though.:frowning:

Sorry you guys missed the ride, it happens every year about this time. I’ll try to post it again next year.

Berry’s Ride:

Berry’s ride was great. The weather was fine (50F at the swart to 60F at the end), the route was scenic, and the roads were good. The 10 mile ride took a side street roads from the start for about a mile to meet up with nice rural roads. The rural road head down to the Rhinebeck train station at the Hudson river. The first few miles were fairly level, but then the road became hilly, slight, reasonable rolling hills down to the river which is half way. The way back to remains hilly, passed by a farm with some impressive large cows. The ride provides pleasant views the entire route, passing ponds, old houses, the Hudson river, parks and woodlands. There were very few cars passing along the route.

The riders were particularly friendly, asking about the big 36 inch wheel, and they are were clearly impressed. Even the host Berry, showed off that the cover of the CD with pictures of past rides, featured a picture of a unicyclist/Nimbus 36 as the cover of the cd.

Ken’s Ride

Let me start by pointing out that last year, I rode the entire route on my Nimbus 36 without a dismount. I felt great afterward. With this year’s ride following the same route, and I had equally high hopes.

But, I knew I was in trouble when my right leg was unusually pained within the second mile, especially since the ride so far was flat. Long story short, is that this year I walked up several hills, and was pained and exhausted at the end. Even so, I enjoyed the ride.

We all received a nice T-shirt out of the deal, I met some great riders, and am looking forward next year. The turnout to Berry’s ride was big, I’d guess 30-50 riders, certainly double from last year, and those folks plan to be back.

All and All,

I’m looking forward to next year’s ride. The ride is gaining back the momentum it had prior to the reorganization. I expect it to double again in size next year. Berry and the kids really deserve the support. I heard that last years proceeds hardly covered much more that cost of the ride. Berry made up a significant difference getting the promised bicycles for the kids.

I must admit $30-$40 seems expensive for a ride, but I’m getting to know the folks running the event, and I can see that they really want to help these kids. Heck, maybe one of these years the kids will get a unicycle gift from the proceeds.

Ken - thanks for the writeup. Hope your leg feels better, but at least you had beautiful fall weather for your ride. I’ll try to attend next year’s event.

Hey, Thank you Steve. That would be great if you could show. I only wish could ride the route you would.

My leg is still sore, but getting better. I had changed from a std uni seat post to rail adapter post the day before the ride and inadvertently mounted the seat low. This was just stupid since I had a similar problem, with the seat low, just a week ago. I also need to include more hills on my regular circuit.

BTW, in my write up, the word ‘swart’ should have be ‘start’.

sounds like it would have been fun, but i think it would have been a killer ride on a 20 :roll_eyes: , but hopefully ill have a cruiser + next year :sunglasses: . thanks for the write up.

Yeah oneisenough, Ouch, on a 20 inch, would feel like a hundred miles. Good luck getting that cruiser!