So I have always tried to go barefoot every chance I get. The problem is that this spring I took up unicycling. My new-found hobby has totally crushed my ability to leave my shoes at home. I have even found that flip-flops are no longer practical (and I’ve got the road rash to prove it).

Anybody out there dare to ride barefoot?
I am considering altering my pedals to be more skin friendly.

I haven’t ridden barefoot for many years, but as a teenager I used to do it all the time. I had old style rubber pedals though. And no off road stuff either. But on roads, in the addition where we lived - all the time.

Barefoot riding is great fun if you’re careful. Just get some pedals that go well with it.

Every once in a while, on short rides around the driveway with my son, I will wear my Vibram Five Fingers. For those unfamiliar, they are the shoes that look like gloves for you feet. They attach securely to your feet, but have a nominal sole to protect the bottom and sides, as well as the front of your toes. Maybe they could solve your foot freedom dilema?:smiley:

In 2006 Gracie Sorbello rode 3,566 miles across the US barefoot. Read about it in her blog. I also love being barefoot but haven’t ridden much sans shoe. I recently got a pair of vivobarefoot ulysses sandals that I love for walking and running so I might give them a try riding and feel the wind in my toes! :stuck_out_tongue:


…errrr, for me, no!!!thanks!!!Had way too many horrible memories as a kid being so (darn!) poor…rather not get in to it:(:smiley:

Isn’t Kikenji – who crossed the US West to East recently – wearing something similar to Five Fingers?

Bare foot might feel great (with the right pedals), but in some UPDs, the impact at the heel as you touch the ground is sometimes pretty intense!