Bare-Foot Unispin Competition!

I’ve had this thought for a long time of creating a unispin competition. The aim is too do the largest degree unispin (180, 360, 540, 720, 900) in bare feet, no shoes, no socks.

It will give you an advantage if you can 720 unispin

-No socks or shoes
-Must be on film
-No onto wheel spins like 90, 270, 450, 630

You’d have to be a glutten for punishment to do this… Then again, that’s what some unicyclists would consider themselves already.

im gonna go or a 360!!!
maybe a 540 if im feeling stupid

Yeah… im fealin it… next is a barefoot glide competition :stuck_out_tongue:

Ime fealin sow stewpit write nouw, eye thing eye shoot dry a 900 u-knees bin barefoot write nouw.


where is Unidude DX when we need him…?

Good luck killing you arches, I thought running was bad, or just trials.

You couldn’t pay me enough to do this.

I’ve done a 360 unispin barefooted. I don’t think this is a very good comp idea though.

im in

Just use pinless plastics covered in cloth?

the torker 09 forces you to ride with shoes off, because it wants you to suffer for thinking you can handle something so feirce.

Have you ever hurt your arches? It’s awful when you do it bad enough. When I stabbed my arch with a rusty pieces of rebar I had a hard time walking even after it healed (the huge gash). I used the crutches a few weeks after, running and everything still sucked same with UNI. Hurting your arches is awful. I don’t care what your wrap the pedals in, it’s not so much metal or plastic, it’s about killing your arches.

If your feet get bruised your done.

I’m in.

I really like trick competitions, but they were the best back in the day when we first started having them. I remember coming up with the idea for the first one myself, good thing Jason C made it happen or they never would have caught on as much as they did! Too bad I can’t keep up with most of them lately, but I love how this one is creative. I am defently going to give this a shot tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have a video for you guys.

sounds painful, but can it be a 180 or does it have to be a 360

If I’m reading the first post right, looks like it can be any number of degrees (other than ones ending or beginning on the tire). But since the comp is to get the largest spin without shoes/socks, more degrees is better.

The really sad part is that I have done some bare footed gliding…

I’ve done some gliding in thongs. Which quickly became barefoot gliding, briefly. and then a stack. :slight_smile:

sorry about the quality