Barbeque and off road ride in San Antonio

Hey folks, I’d like to invite all of you in the S.A. area to a barbeque and ride at O.P. Schnabel Park on Sat, Feb 22.
Our friends @ MOJO and STORM (mountain bikers) will be hosting it and it is FREE!!
Please bring a covered dish or beverages if possible. For more info, check this link or contact me at

I would love to go, but I cant make it. Ill be rock climbing at enchated rock.

Have fun, sounds like a lot of people will be there.


I’ll try to be there. I will not have the official mojo breakfast (oreos dunked in crown royal). For lunch and/or dinner, maybe, but not breakfast. So how many unicycles should I bring? If I’m going to drive for 4 hours each way, I want to ride at least 4 hours while I’m there.

BTW Scott, The rock is not that enchanting.

Jerryg, I’m bringing my 20" and my 24" uni and my mountain bike. I don’t how long I’ll actually be riding, as I’m still pretty new at this uni thing, but I plan on spending quite a bit of time there. The last time the Texas group threw a ride together at the last minute, we had 5 or 6 unicyclists show up to ride

Thanks Kenny. I will be there. I have met several of the Mojo and STORM riders, and many of them are interested in muni. It should be fun. Lets have as many unicyclists as possible there.
Sorry you can’t be there Scott, but rock climbing at Enchanted Rock is one of the coolest experiences you can have, in my opinion. The only thing better might be muniing Enchanted Rock, but they don’t allow that.

Scott Wallis

Scott, have you ever been rock climbing at enchanted rock?
ive been before but this time we are going around the back where all the REAL action is.
That would be a sweet place to muni though, kinda reminds me of moab.


Scott, I emailed you directly about it. Yes, there are some really technical climbing routes in the back that are a blast.
I haven’t climbed in several years, mainly because it is a lot of work to arrange and requires some travel. That’s one reason I like unicycling, you can do it pretty much anytime, anywhere.


Hey guys,

I can’t commit to the bbq. I’m going to try to make it.

Is anyone bringing tofu?


I would think the tofu and sprouts would be the responsibility of the Austin riders. Don’t bring any more than you can eat.


We’re going to wait for you San Antonio riders to keel over flat from eating all that BBQ and then start hopping over ya with some trials moves.

I’m not going to say it can’t happen. Eating…riding…it’s gonna be a tough choice.

So, does that mean you will be there, Doug? I am having email problems, did you get one from me yesterday?


The day is getting near, I plan to be at the park by 9:00 a.m. Who else is planning to show and when shall we expect ya’ ?

Here’s a flyer:


Of course I will be there. I think Jerry is for sure, still waiting for Doug to commit. Eric broke his wrist last weekend so I don’t know if he will come or not. As far as time, it depends on what the other guys want to do. We may do a long creek ride in the morning. But, If it rains before then, we probably won’t want to be on the trails early. You know how slick they are when wet.


We got a little rain today and forecast says more on Friday with 15 to 25 mph winds Friday night to start drying things out. Saturday forecast is looking real good with plenty of sunshine. I’m planning on being at the park @10 instead of 9 as previously mentioned. This will give things an extra hour to dry out and give me an extra hour to sleep. See ya’ll there!

So guys, how was the ride?


The weather and food were great, and so was the riding. It was a little muddy on the morning ride, but late afternoon was perfect. Kenny, Jerry and I were the only unicyclists that made it, but I think we entertained the mountain bikers and several of them made good progress at learning to uni. Kenny is doing great and was very entertaining, especially while swinging from a tree branch trying to mount Jerry’s Coker. Everyone seemed to be awed by the Coker no matter who was on it.
Jerry and I got a big response when we came riding up the hill to the pavillion carrying a large ice chest between us. My arm still hurts.
All in all, a very fun day. Sorry that more of you couldn’t make it, but we will be getting together somewhere, soon. Thanks for inviting us, Kenny.


Scott, Jerry, glad ya’ll got to come and play. Yeah, Scott, the mountain bikers were really impressed. I don’t know if you noticed the booth that Ride Away Bicycles had set up, but they were so impressed that they are going to order a uni or two and see if they can help “kick start” uni sales in San Antonio!!!
Would you believe they consumed over 220 tacos???

Re: Barbeque and off road ride in San Antonio

what’s an ice chest? a cooler?


Yes Dylan, coolers are called “ice chests” here in Texas (hehehe)

Or it could be a very interesting ice sculpture…but it wasn’t.