Bar End Repair/modifcation

I have two kh t-handle setups; one for my 36er and one for my G26er. The bar ends that came with it are nice, but because of their sqaure-ish shape, they require corresponding ends caps, and the standard and more common round caps won’t fit properly.

I had lost all the caps over time, and so I was left with open-ended bar ends that were sharp and shaped like a large “catheter”! So I filed the ends flat and filled the ends with epoxy, then got some “plasti-dip” and coated each bar end. Instant grip! What’s great about this stuff is that it’s cheap and it works!

Prior to this I had been using regular rubber hand grips to make them more slip proof, but again the square shape of the bar end caused the grips to split in a short time and just not fit very well. The rubber dip keeps the same shape as the bar end and provides a non-slip grip and it looks great as well. And if they get scuffed up you can just re-dip them back to new condition.

After filing flat




That is an awesome idea that I wish I’d have though of. Might have to give it a try.

Great idea. Never heard of it. Do tell more and where did you get it?

Comes in spray or liquid, which I used. Got mine at home depot. It comes in a wide variety of colors too.

Awesome! Thanks for the info. Going to get me some for sure. Great idea.