Bar End (for a brake lever) for 27.2 seat post?

I have this bar end on my coker to mount my brake and it works great with my GB4 handle.

However with my new KH 29er I am using the same seat set up since I love the GB4 bars and would like to have the same brake set up on it. Is there anything like that bar end that I can mount to the KH 27.2mm seat post so I can have the brake lever in a comfy position?

Nothing else really works with the GB4 handles well that I have tried.

I’ve done a considerable amount of digging in my LBS’s POOP (Pile Of Old Parts) for just the same purpose… I recently welded together a handle for my Coker and was looking for a large-diameter fitting of some sort on which to mount a brake handle.

Couldn’t find a darned thing.

As the shop’s tech told me, most accessories are designed for mounting on a 22.2mm handlebar. That seems to be the standard size.

I ended up rigging a pipe-clamp-like setup to hold my brake lever in place. It ain’t pretty, nor does it fit very well, but it works.

One possibility would be to take a 27.2 seat clamp, and weld on a 22.2mm tube which the brake lever will slide onto.

Also there are tandem “stoker stems” out there, and since these pieces clamp onto the captain’s seat post, you may be able to find one with a 27.2mm clamp. Then you could insert a shim to accept the 22.2mm tube.

I believe steveyo made some handlebars with such a setup… although they weren’t cheap. The stoker stem runs $40-50, last time I checked.

That seems like an unwieldy setup, as you’re adding a lot of extra metal just to hold a brake lever in place.

If you’re going the welding route, why not simply weld a bit of 22.2mm tube to the back of your GB4 handle to support the brake mount, to imitate this piece of hardware.

Or, if there’s room, simply add longer bolts to your seat and bolt both handle and mounting hardware in the same place?

If there isn’t room… you could make room by drilling a couple more holes through your seatbase. Add a couple more carriage bolts and the above-linked hardware… and you’re set!