Banksy the Street Artist

if you dont know who banksy is, search banksy on google images = ]
this made my day

Banksy is a great artist but I fear he has (albeit accidentally) introduced a sort of elitism into street art. There are pros who get paid to work (e.g. Maser in Ireland) but sometimes I’ve got to think that the real artists are the ones sneaking around at night, making the world more beautiful in their own eyes. Sometimes I see a full colour piece on a wall and appreciate the out-of fashion fades done on the train tracks next to it more. Maybe it’s because I’ve known the thrill, the risk involved in painting and striving to be proud of what you do even though there’s no profit there.

My 2c, Banksy and such are amazing artists but they’re pulling further and further away from their arts roots!

PS: Sorry for the ramble, it’s my first chance to post here and as I know nothing about uni, thought I could throw something in here, peace!

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Banksy rocks!

I don’t think Banksy has ever let slip his beliefs, every piece he does is a political statement about current events. I have the utmost respect for him.

Vandalism is vandalism regardless of how brilliant the art is. I have zero respect for anyone that paints on someone else’s property without asking for permission.

I think it a necessary evil. He is able to get his messages noticed because it is illegal. And if you think that these people are angry that Banksy vandalized their wall, you’d be surprised at how many are actually happy about it.

Also, it is not incredibly difficult to remove these acts of vandalism, it is not like he is spray-painting on monuments or average peoples houses simply for the sake of destroying something. He is doing it to add something of value, with the knowledge that it will not be there forever.

I agree with you here, I guess my sentiment was more towards the general direction of the art that is up to his standard, most of them seem to be in it for the cash which is fair enough but I do miss how it was. Where I used to live there was a torn-down petrol station with horrible badly painted wooden boards, someone threw up “community art project” and slowly the boards evolved into something visually interesting, it’s things like that that make me hardly ever equate graff as true vandalism.

I can have respect for your thoughts Super G about graffitti artists that do it for the fame, by stamping their name everywhere, or vandalizing a road signs so that I can no longer tell what it is! I have no respect for destructive grafitti artists.

I happen to agree with Banksy’s messages, but for those who do not, I can see how it would be just the same to them as name-stamping is to me.

It is so subjective, I am not trying to start any kind of arguements, which I can easily see this thread turning into, so please note that all my comments previous and hereafter are simply to state my point of view.

I really enjoy it when I see a boring, ugly, or otherwise building, with a beautiful and creative piece or artwork on the side of it, it really brightens my day. And I have been seeing more and more places that have started to allow or even comission street artists to grafitti something nice onto their other-wise drab building.

I don’t have much sympathy for Banksy’s “victims”. His art work sells big if you can capitalize on it. If he tagged my stuff with his work, I’d be honored. The message is always interesting if nothing else and it’s always well executed.

On the other hand, I absolutely can’t stand graffiti “tags” that get posted everywhere just so you can stake your territory or whatever dumb reason graffiti artists do it. They should have their paint pens used on themselves to write horrible things across their foreheads.

Hey, it’s not vandalism unless it’s on MY property.:wink:

Vandalism is vandalism and art is art.

Art can not be vandalism and vandalism can not be art.

If it is art it can not be vandalism :roll_eyes:

Someone with admin rights should move this thread to JC.

There already exists a long (and heated) thread on the topic in there, so this one shouldn’t re-tread old ground.

The definition of art is much, much wider than that of vandalism. The art at the top of this thread definitely qualifies as art, even if it is vandalism. In fact, even the ugly gang tags of a snotty teenager can qualify as art.

However, as I argued in that other thread mentioned above, if it is painted on private property, without permission, it is vandalism no matter how beautiful, valuable or meaningful it is.

I would definitely let Banksy paint on my house if he asked, and probably treasure the result. But if he didn’t ask, I would appreciate it a lot less. In either case, it would be art by almost any definition.

thinking about… I agree with John!
sorry for unqualified posting:o

It’s got a unicycle in the pic! :wink:

I don’t think the OP intended for it to become a large convo about the morality issues of graffiti art, but to simply show that he found one while uni’ing! Which is pretty damn cool.

But with the way it has gone, yes it should probably be in Just Conversation.

I didn’t even see that, due to it being so dark. Thanks for pointing out the qualifier!

But I still think it should get moved. :slight_smile:

Yeah I didn’t see it either at first, and I wondered why it was in Rec.

Yes, I think that’s what most of us in Bristol think whenever the council paints over a Banksy on private property without permission from the owner.

yeappers thats my khtrials!
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i love reading the remarks and commentaries on “street art”

for me it comes down to this.
for an example, its hard to tell a kid what kind of “art” is accepted and what kind of “graffiti” is not. I personally think something like banksys work is art and speaks truth and i absolutely love it. Juxtapose this to graffiti, which 99% of it i dont like. But you can’t really differentiate them because the way they are crafted and displayed are pretty much the same.

so for me i like to take each picture/art/graffiti for what its worth at the moment and place. its kind of a wish washy statement but if i think its neato, its art. if not, it should be cleaned off.

my 2 and a half cents.