Banging myself up on those curbs

I read some good advice for jumping/rolling up curbs. YouTube makes it look way too easy. I have a hard time getting my 29"/125mm cranks off the ground when I push back on the rising back peddle. The momentum usually puts me on the ground. I had some success rolling up some curbs, but 22cm curbs are out of the question for me now. I can roll up curbs around 10cm high at this time. I started riding on cobblestone, grass, and anything else I see that has a rough surface. I am happy with my progress so far. It was’t too long ago I avoided this stuff. I started riding late in life. I’m sure I would have picked up new things much quicker if I started riding when I was younger.

I suck at riding up curbs as well. I’m sure it’s like everything else though, start with the smaller ones, ride up them lots of times (until you don’t even need to think about it), then move up to taller ones and repeat the cycle… You’ll get there for sure. :slight_smile: