Banff Film Festival


Just a short note regarding the Banff film festival featuring Unizaba and
other films of mountains and extreme sports… Go see it ! Carl Hoyer went
last year and asked us to go this year. A few of us drove from Toronto to
Waterloo (just over an hour away) to see it. It really is awesome to see
the limits people take things to. It sure was an eye opener for me. Not
that I would ever do them but great to see. When he announce that Unizaba
was next, a huge Yahooooo jumped out of my mouth instantly. He paused and
asked if there were any unicyclists in the audience. Once again a big
Yaaaa was released. Unizaba was well liked by the people watching.
Everyone gasped for air when Kris took that tumble head first. Price was
12.00 Canadian (like any other movie) and was very exciting. If it comes
to your town or one close to you, check it out.

Darren :).