Banevelant Unicyclists for Nangon

It saddens me to say that brother Lia Phat can no longer bear this burden that I happly take up. His words.

Dear honoured colluge:

It is with a heavy hart that I contact you. As the nephue of Lia Xio the Povinchal Governer of Nangon I hold the position of official lurker of the Unicycling forum.

Let me explaine. Last year My Uncle the Governer was contacted by A Great American Scientist to produce in our villages factories a Wonderuss Device capable of propelling a unicyclist at great speeds. This was seen as a great boon to our province which has been stricken by drout For The Last 7 Years. We were assured that the Wonderuss Device was highly prized in the west, and that each would be worth Tens of Dollars, or more.
My Uncle being A Brave Man and Visionary decided in his wisdom to use the funds set asside for our provinces annual food subsidy to finance the production of 50,000 of these Wonderuss Devices. Saddly, we have not heard again from the Great American Scientist. It is said that the Scientist was lost on expidition to the remote Moab desert of the United States and has not been heard.

As Winter threatens to come down to the mountains and my Esteamed Uncle has be sequestered to the Central Prison in Beijing it has fallen on me to procure funds to feed my countrymen. Having lurked on this forum for many months I know you to be of kind hart and magnagimus nature and so it is that I am able to propose to you In Total Trust this offer. Were you to open an account with the Central Bank of Hunon for the amount of only 7000 US dollars, I would be able to send all 50,000 Wonderuss Devices to a Destination Of Your Choice. As we are without unicycles these Wonderuss Devices are useless to my people. Your generousity would allow my countrymen to servive until the Spring Showers that Must Shurely Come.

We await your reply and prepaire instructions for the transfer of funds as well as futher details of the True Nature of the Wonderuss Device.

The Love of the People of Nangon are with you.

Lia Phat
Provinchal Lurker of Nangon

A blessing to you from the People of Nangon Province

Hmmm, I might know some Nigerian nationals who could help you out.

By the way, have our avatars met? Mine finds yours vaguely familiar.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


Mr. Lia, would these “devices” perhaps be epicyclic in nature? If so, I will be glad to aid you and your fellows- but first I will need a sample of your workmanship. No slight is intended to the quality of your work force. Perhaps you could send me 2? I will gladly pay, COD, $14.29 (according to the per-unit price you quoted) for them. I’m sure we will have no trouble raising the funds indicated if the hub performs as expected.


Vallued Friend thank you for most kind offer. I am unable to discuss the nature of the Wonderuss Device in open forum but will gladly give all assurance. Please PM for glad assurance.

Looking forward with the hopes of All People of Nangon.

Lia Zan
Depute Lurker Nangon Province

Thanks be to Mr. Raphael

Thanks be to you Mr. Raphael. It would be greatly pleasing me for you to inform your Nigerian colluges of our hardship. Do they have account with unicyclist forum?

As to your avatar without meening slight your avatar was but a stepping stone to the perfect philosophy embodied by the teachings of my avatar. You being a learned person will understand the truth of this in the fullness of time.

Please do consider joining your countryman in support of the People of Nangon Prefecture.

Lia Zan
Depute Lurker Nangon Prefecture


only 7000 dollars? who do i make the check out to?

I already have one, beat you to it lurker.