Baltic Unicycle Meets

Hey there,

I’m currently working as a light tech on the cruise ship Constellation, and I’m touring the Baltic this summer. I have my MUni with me and try to get out on it in every port. So if you are in the following cities it would be great to meet up! Harwich, Amsterdam, Warnemunde, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen. So if you are in or around any of the cities send me message and I can let you know the days I’m there. Look forward to some unicycle missions!

Robbie :slight_smile:

Member of S.C.U.M (South Coast Unicycle Meet)

Wow thats a big ship! You’ll probably end up meeting loads of unicyclists! :smiley:
Have you ridden on board?
See you when you come back to Dorset!

Hey Sam!

Yes I have managed to unicycle on the stage in theatre. Did some plate spinning whilst on it with a guest entertainer, you should try that, add it to the routine! I have unicycled in Mexico, St Maarteen, Copenhagen, Harwich. I rode 22 miles in Bermuda from Docklands to Hamilton along an old railway line was an awesome day! Much more too come. I should be back in Hampshire by September at the earlist! Hows S.C.U.M coming along?:slight_smile:

Hi Robbie

Try signing up to the forum on Unike is Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, but gib (on the forum) is the KH/Qu-ax distributer for the baltic states He will possibly be able to put you in contact with people in the seaside cities. Oh, don’t be intimidated but the apparent lack of english - many of the forum members are completely fluent, and will even translate your posts for you:)

Thanks for the info on the forum. I will look into that!:slight_smile: