I’m trying to get this free mount thing sussed and after a few goes it
really starts to hurt my bits! I’ve already sussed that boxer shorts are a
no-no but my super-tight Y’s don’t seem to be resolving the situation

Can anyone offer any advice on how to free-mount without affecting this
important area of my body? And, what’s the best pair of underpants to wear?



I wear boxer-briefs if I’m not wearing my padded cycling shorts.

IF you can do it discreetly, you can reach down and pull your package up and forward before you mount. This helps.

But it’s probably just your technique…

Don’t land with all your weight on the seat. Land with your weight on the pedals, and then kind of shimmy your body down onto the seat.

Try playing with the seat angle as well.

There’s no need for riding to hurt your parts

I usually throw mine over my shoulder.

However, another technique (seriously) is to put the seat in place gently, then slide it slightly forwardswhich sort of moves everything into position. Then freemount as follows: left foot, right fott (or vice versa) THEN weight on saddle. That is, get your balance, then lower yourself under control.

Rollback mounts are more likely to hurt.

as you sit on the seat, use the seat to “scoop” everthing forward before you sit down.

once you get better at unicycling these problems just go away for most people

Re: Balls!

Jingle balls jingle balls
hurts us anyway
oh what fun is it to ride his uni
with no clothes

but only during the summer

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On Fri, 10 Jan 2003 18:40:56 -0000, “Jeff Snoxell”
<> wrote:

>Can anyone offer any advice on how to free-mount without affecting this
>important area of my body? And, what’s the best pair of underpants to wear?
People have experimented with suspensories to keep sensitive parts
away from the danger zone, and they reported good results. It’s just
not my thing though. I use either ‘bike shorts’ (tight lycra with
padding) - works best if you wear them on the naked skin, or normal
underpants and pants. Especially in the latter case, it helps if
before the mount you place the seat in your groin on the side of your
standing leg and have your precious bits on the other side.

Also, like Sofa suggests, immediately after the mount, have most of
your weight on the pedals, possibly rearrange a bit or two (not
necessarily by grabbing; pulling in your belly and moving a bit can
work too), then sit down.

And remember, as much as YOU have to learn riding, your Glockenspiel
has to learn finding its way too. No kidding!

Klaas Bil

Camels milk does not curdle.

I’ve been having problems with this as well (to the amusement of all my friends) I’m going to try boxer-briefs, a jock-strap, and biking shorts for that extra protection. (Also helps when pulling the seat out in front.)

The first time trying to freemount, I landed on nothing besides Mr.Perkins and the twins. :frowning: ouch ouch ouch
It’s much better now, but I do have to make adjustments at the beginning (to the dismay of all my friends :wink: )
Has anyone landed a drop and done some serious damage?