balding a luna

Took me three hours on belt sander to do, that is one thing i will never do again

looks cool tho:D

hey can you post pics? :smiley:
and what kind of sandpaper did you use?

ill get some pics up once i get my uni all put back together (shouldnt be that long)
Just used some 100 grit i think

here it is

and now i just discovered i have a bent seat post :astonished:

looks pree sick. how are the side walls and bounce? I hate my CC for its side walls and bounce feel, is it any better? what are the specs on that uni?

I started to shave my old Luna last summer with a drill and a sanding thing… I never finished it:p It took way too long and I’ve only done like 1/5 of it.

you should take a razor blade and shave off the majority of the tread being careful not to cut into the main part of the tire. then pump it up a bit and take it to a belt sander. you will get it alot smoother alot faster. took me about 30 min to get my old cc to where you have yours and i havnt even got it on the belt sander yet. when i did my try all it only took about 15 min on the belt sander after cutting off the tread.

I wasnt to much of a fan on the razor blade because knowing my luck i would cut into the tire so yeah i did the long route of the sander.

I practiced on CC and that was pretty easy since the tire is soft but i dont like the tire because it folds over so easy so itll just be a backup for now

yo what are the specs on your uni?

well currently im running the Twisted PC’s just to see how they go, a KH hub, 125’s nimbus adventures (normly running moments but i want to see how long these will hold up) nimbus rim with nimbus frame and then a cf saddle with the KH freeride foam and cover (i like the cushion :D)

I shaved mine with sandpaper and my hands, was long, but I did a really good job. (some years ago, here are some pictures)

heres my CC

that looks awesome!

I love the look of bald tires

You must have some really awesome sandpaper skills! I’m too lazy to take off 1 coat of green paint on my KH frame and you manage to take off the original blue powder coat:p

Ahaha, dertermination is the word I guess.

Updated pictures :stuck_out_tongue:

I got my Luna back from Hugo, it was laying around in his house since OUI’ 08

looks sweet!

haha now next question can you tell the difference of the tire with treads or without treads???

I could only tell the difference at first, now it feels no difference unless im on a smooth surface.

Defenitly :wink:

You didn’t get your Luna back from me, YOU STOLE IT from my wardrobe ! Ahah, uni’s looking nice though…