Bald Tyres???

I never understood how or why people make their tyres completely bald?

Can someone tell me? :stuck_out_tongue:

For Example.

they dont intentionaly make them “bald”. the tires just get that way from a lot of riding and practicing.

Really? i have seen posts on here saying they’ve shaved the tyre. :thinking:

yeah, people do shave their tyres :slight_smile:

Bald tyres feel nicer to ride, smoother with less rolling resistance.
They also offer more grip on smooth floors and generally look pretty cool in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Are smoother tires better for freestyle tricks vs knoby trial tires?

“Make them bald”?
Do you mean why people buy slick tyres?

I can tell you why I am in favour of slicks.
I accidentally bought a non-slick last time. Not a knobby one but clearly a road tyre, this is what it looks like (Schwalbe Road Cruiser).
It makes the uni vibrate way too much, and it’s not as silent as I’d like it to be.
I’ve had this experience with a Hookworm Semislick before, that’s why I say I accidently bought it. I should have known better.
The next one will be a real slick.

Bald tires are awesome for street!

Ill never bald a tire again tho… they dont last long at all sadly. Who would of thunk it :stuck_out_tongue:

Some people like to shave their trials tires, mainly flat riders.

Freestlyle unis are usually 20" (not a 19" trials) and need less robust parts, making the uni lighter. Flat riders need very robust parts and most use a trials uni or similar (only diff is sometimes frame design and usually shorter cranks than trials, but longer than freestyle) some preffer a true 20" bmx tire for flat.

Seems like I was totally on the wrong track.

As a climber, you get the most friction out of a bald shoe which is why 99% of climbing shoes are “bald”. It also helps that the rubber is extremely tacky.

Weight Savings?

From What I gather most of te trials riders who shave thier tires are doing ti to resduce the wieght. You might be able to take off 150-200 grams by shaving a trials tire.

I like the shaved tire for two reasons. It is a bit lighter and I did feel like it had a better feeling for rolling, smoother and all. Mine was made that way from use and rotating though. I have also read of people using sandpaper to bald it…