Bald tires?

> their toll. It used to have “knobbies”, and still has traces of some on most
> of the tire, but in one spot it’s worn clean through the happy blue tread,
> down to the string-belted underbelly.

Be very careful at this point - a friend of mine was down to his threads, and I
told him “Matt, you’re going to get a tiny hole in there, and the tube is going
to explode out of it…” Being a danger-seeking lunatic (as unics tend to be),
he ignored my advice. Within a few days, perhaps the same day, he showed up
carrying his unicycle. The tire had been unseated from the rim by the explosion,
and what was left of the tube had removed itself from both the wheel and the
tire. Hey Matt, I forget, were you riding it when it exploded?

Which brings me to another topic: DO NOT overinflate your unicycle tire! A
friend had set his uni down next to me during a class, and about halfway through
when everyone was drifting off to sleep, it suddenly exploded. My first reaction
was to think that someone had dropped a dry ice bomb in the window above me.
Everyone was incredibly startled, especially me - I felt the whoosh of air from
the explosion. It was LOUD. In another incident (which I was thankfully NOT
present for) a friend woke up in the middle of the night to a raucous hissing
sound. After a few seconds, he traced the sound to his unicycle; the tube was
working its way out from between the rim and the tire - he frantically tried to
let some air out through the valve, which is of course when it exploded.

Unicycle explosions are NOT fun!

                                    Pojundery, John