Balboa lake ride? Mini LAroundup

So…some friends and I were hittin up the ole park which was a great day that ended in me writting a nice uni message in my blood ;-). well we were thinkin bout a mini LAroundup since its been a while and it wont be effin hot out this time! Its a pretty good ridin area, but we are also thinkin bout hittin up the skatepark down the street… heres a link to the ole roudups…

Wondering if anyone would be interested? I was thinkin feb 3rd but its kidna short notice, so anyone interested and have any ideas on what we can do? Just meet up ride together, bring lunch, and prolly ride the skatepark down the street…nothing big or fancy…So any takers?

I’ll come and film.

I’m coming but you already knew that.

BOOM* Anyone else?