balancing/weighting pedals

due to shearing of some pins from my pedals when crank grabbing, i took the advice to remove all the pins from one side and ride only on the pinned side of the pedal. makes sense. however, now when i go to mount i find my pedals rolling to face the pins down because of the weight difference. this makes mounting a bit more of a chore because i have to roll one pedal over, plant my foot on it to make sure it it isn’t going anywhere, then roll the other over and mount ASAP otherwise it droops back down. Is there a reasonably easy way to either;
A) weight the pedals to somehow present the pinned side upwards all/most of the time
B) weight one edge of the pedals so that the pins face my body and can then be easily kicked forward as I’m mounting (this makes sense to me, a bit hard to describe, thats also why i prefer option A)

I have JimC’s odyssey pedals if thats any help…

Some pedals come with an o-ring on the axle somewhere so that they don’t free spin, or on others you can tighten up the body slightly to achieve the same effect. I dunno what you can do with your particular pedals though.


The JC Odysseys will not spin as freely if the axle nut is tightened ever so slightly. I guess that’d be a trade-off… easier positioning or better performance.

As for weighting, JCO’s are designed to go “flat side up” in ideal conditions; notice how it’s shaped more like a parallelogram and less like a box? You’ll need to refine this shape to restore its function… if you want to go lo-tech you could stick a small wheel balance weight in just the right place. Ask at a local gas station / tire shop if you can buy / have a couple small weights.

The high-tech fix would be to remachine part of the pedal to move its CG.

I just flip my pedal over with my hand when I mount, or I just flip it once I’m riding.

Grindplate on the non-pinned side?

too late, i already found 2 bolts that fit the pin holes perfectly, i just put the bolt through a piece of aluminum (so that the weighted edge goes down) and screwed it into the pedal. the bolt was short enough to not come out the other side

As for the grind plate, this is only temporary until i do get the plate

Get sealed pedals. YOu can just kick it over and have it stay that way.