Balance Required: A compilation DVD

Just a note that in 2 weeks I will have ready a DVD featuring all my favourite parts from Training Wheel Not Required and Inner Balance into one DVD.

The scenes will be re-edited from their original formats into new cuts.

Play time will be approx 40 mins, no bonus features.

TWNR was filmed in 4:3 (non widescreen) so this will have to be the format used.

This will be available only from me, and the cost will be $20 canadian plus shipping.

Canadian money is pretty. May I just send you some photos of Beth II with a floral background and we’ll call it even? My brother is, after all, the PM now.

If you send me a clip of you wearing a black unitard and riding a blue jugglebug with your silver locks blowing in the wind, i’ll send you two copies

I’ve got me on the blue JuggleBug with the silver locks (while I still had them) flowing in the breeze but I just don’t own a black unitard. Does this mean I have to pay you? If so, how much?