"Balance of Power"

Just found this cool site to make free gifs, so I made one from this video. :slight_smile:


Ah gifs… a poor mans <video> tag. I’ve used them to put videos in emails.

Looks like some fun rocks to play on.

When I see pedestrians on a narrow path/sidewalk I usually get off. Not because I think I’m going to hit them, but because they think I’m going to hit them… sometimes they even panic.
Occasionally (twice ever) a pedestrian doesn’t like unicycles on a walking path… but the overwelming majority love unicycles.

Actually those hikers waved me on after I had stopped. They all loved it and what you don’t see is that They wanted to take pictures for like 15 minutes haha! The two ladies you see giving the peace sign with me were part of that group. They were just loving it. One lady kept asking me to “Pose” for her on my uni, lol. “One more, one more, please, just one more!” :stuck_out_tongue: